5 Ways To Get Noticed ….

ThinkstockPhotos-468573939It may be hard to constantly stay front and center when you are either in a job you love or fighting to get the job you want. When you work like a dog and your efforts don’t seem to be noticed or you continue to come in #2 on the endless list of job interviews you audition for, it’s time to make a mental checklist of how you need to get noticed. As they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder but if you seem to show up in a room full of other beauties how do you stand out?

Being the center of attention doesn’t mean you need to jump on the tables and become the life of the interview party. It does mean however, you need to do an honest assessment of how and why you are being overlooked when all you crave is a little attention for your efforts. In order to get noticed you need to first look at how you are coming across when and if you do show up for the job party.

  1. What’s my energy level? Are you on high octane after your 10th cup of macchiato or are you dragging yourself around like you just came out of a Zen coma. How you physically show up has more to do with your energy level, your attentiveness and your light switch being turned on then it does the shoes you decided to put on that morning.
  2. What’s my awareness? Are you engaged? Do you care about this job interview or meeting? Are you feeling it or are you just dialing it in? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself when you wonder why you are not getting call backs or noticed for the job you say you want. If you are not feeling it, trust me no one on the other side is either.
  3. Are you centered? Do you feel like you are in a calm and peaceful place when you show up? Do you exhibit confidence and a calm sense of self? If you are a nervous nelly or are not sure you should even be in the meeting, you are not going to get noticed by anyone of importance.
  4. What comes out of your mouth? How you show up is one thing but what you say is quite another. If you think you are making points by acting like the smartest person in the room just to get noticed think again. Fading into the background like the bookcase is not going to get you noticed either unless someone wants to read something during the meeting. Knowing how to speak when appropriate makes others take notice even if what you have to contribute is not the most important point you’ve ever made.
  5. Am I respectful? This does not only mean are you nice to others but do you respect what you stand for and how you show up? People sense the vibe no matter how sincere you think you are being to others and to yourself. If you don’t like what you stand for how do you expect anyone else to like you?

Having the ability to be totally self aware and transparent about who you are, what you stand for and can bring to the table means you are no longer willing to play hide and seek with your career. Stand up and get noticed the next time someone calls you for a job interview!


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