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ThinkstockPhotos-479189577It may seem like you know who you are and what you want and have always found it easy to find the path along the long road to your career. You may not have had to struggle along the way or you may have what others call, “an easy time of it.” Where ever your journey has taken you your job, your career, your calling has been one of the most important roads you’ve ever traveled in your like-without a doubt.

Now for the rest of us that road has been filled with challenges, uncertainties, and even wrong turns. Even when we thought we knew what we wanted life revealed a few other options for us to ponder and we were all to glad to try. It’s not that you lacked focus but doubt became the compass by which you navigated your career choices. You may have made some questionable decisions along the way, but you learned, grew and had at least some funny stories to tell about your crazy boss and your long suffering co-worker.

Even though you may have suffered the consequences of your questionable choices, your doubts about what you wanted steered you mysteriously into trying new careers, working in new industries and taking on jobs others would have naturally turned away from. You have been the master of your career destiny but what would you do differently if you knew for sure the career that was right for you? If you had the chance to choose again would you go to school, study a trade and apply your skills to a profession that would last a lifetime?

With doubt, comes an innate ability to push fear aside and try new things because we have no preconceived notion that we might fail if we give it a shot. When we have doubt about our choices, it helps us to weed out what we most like about what we do from those things we hate. Choosing your career when you are not so emotionally tied to the outcome may actually yield some interesting opportunities. Although I’m not suggesting you adopt a career strategy that employs a trial and error approach. But for those of you willing to take a gamble, are given a rare glimpse into new possible careers and fields of work to explore.

You may not think you’ve got it all figured out when it comes to making the right career choices. Maybe you would have been better off sticking to one thing and mastering your skills in a career that would span a lifetime. Just because you may have taken the scenic route along the way to your next job, you knew there would be many exits along the way for you to explore until you discovered what it was you really wanted to do. Having doubt makes it easier for you to try new things even if you are not sure what it is you really want. It does not mean that job-hopping is necessarily the way towards career advancement, but it sure makes for colorful reading on your resume.

If you feel that you have made choices based on doubt, uncertainty or just plain “luck” then you can count yourself among the vast majority of people who sometimes need to figure it out along the way before making a firm decision-without a doubt.

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