Your Job-When You Give A Shift

Stages of Emotions During the Work Week

Whoever said life is tough may have declared the biggest understatement of all time! No matter what your profession, there are likely days when no matter what you say or do you encounter adversity, dissension and deceit. Some might say it’s just another day in the office but for others it might be time to look for another job. When you find yourself in the middle of a “shift storm” there is only one course of action to take and that is to literally “shift”.

Yes, you can get caught up in the drama happening all around you or you can easily shift your perception of events and cast yourself in the role of bystander instead of opening act. Having gone through tumultuous management changes in my career first as an employee and then as a management consultant, you become tough in areas you never expected you’d have to be. It’s not that your resilience to things is mandatory in order to survive, but it sure helps you float above the “shift” when all you need to do is remain calm and collected.

When you believe you are being pushed and pulled against your will in your job, your career or in your daily interactions with your boss or your co-workers, you need to shift your perspective from feeling like the victim to feeling like you are above the drama. It may be easier said then done but at the end of the day you are the one who is in control of your job future and you need to take your career into your own hands. Feeling like you are at the mercy of others might be hard if you feel you need your job, your income and your sanity. When you allow yourself the freedom of choice and you begin to feel that you are not tied to any one job or any given outcome, you immediately shift your perspective and your sense of freedom and accomplishment to tackle anything is beyond liberating.

How you move through any shift storm when it comes to your career is the difference between just surviving and truly thriving in your work environment. It may be hard to manage your career choices even when you love what you do but have inevitably hit a few obstacles along the way. It doesn’t mean you have to quit every time the going gets rough, but it does mean you have to know when it’s time to shift from survival mode into action mode.

Giving yourself the permission to set yourself free from any limiting behavior, action or individuals makes you stronger and more resilient when shift happens. Fine tuning your point of view and dialing down the drama helps you to stay focused and be clear on your direction even if the world around you is falling apart. Rising high above the shift storm is not as hard as you might imagine, but staying there can be. Remember, you’ve got to shift before you can walk.

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