Your Job Search-Recalculating

When it comes to looking for your next job or changing the one you have, how well do you navigate? Do you stop and check your career direction from time to time? Are you willing to “course correct” when you feel you are moving in the wrong direction? How well do you trust your internal compass to keep you on course or do you have to stop every so often and ask for help? If you feel like every time you make a move you are “recalculating” then, maybe you need to trust yourself a little bit more and follow more than just a road map.

You are the only one who knows what’s right for you when it comes to anything in your life but particularly when it comes to a job. You don’t have to take a position just because it’s offered to you for fear nothing better will come along. You don’t have to jump at the first offer either for the same reason. Trusting who and what you value in you and in the work you do is your first step in recognizing no one can throw you off course in your career direction unless YOU let them.

Searching for a job is easy. What’s hard is deciding which job, company and environment is the right one for you. On the surface, all may appear grand. You interview, are asked back, are made an offer, but before you say “Yes,” you should ask yourself one important question, “Will this job make me happy?” We all need to work to pay the bills, to further our ambitions or to keep the kids in school. In some cases, we keep our own needs and desires in check when we think it does not matter how a job makes us feel, just so long as we can keep cashing a paycheck.

Finding and keeping a job you love maybe your only focus but making sure you make the right choice as you navigate the career landscape is also crucial to your career choices. What do you do when you feel your career has moved off course? What tools do you rely on to make the most out of your situation before calling roadside assistance? Maybe you are the type who likes to work through problems on your own and are loathed to ask for help?

As they say it’s always good to look for a job when you have one. It holds true when asking for help. It’s always good to ask for help when you don’t really need it. When you are calm and in control of your decision making process, you tend to make better and more meaningful choices when it comes to your career. Panic only leads to more panic. Having the right resources at your disposal BEFORE you need them, puts you in a more strategic position and aligns you with your goals much quicker. It’s never bad to ask for help especially if you’ve been circling the career block for hours. What you need to focus on is asking for the help when you need it the least and using your internal guidance system to take you where you need to go. Your career is waiting you just need to buckle up and drive.

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