Your Job Search is like an Amusement Park…

so which ride will you choose?  Roller-coasters, ferris wheels, merry-go-rounds, when your job search resembles the ups and downs, the thrills and spills of a carnival amusement park, do you ever stop & think, one more time around or is it time to get off?

Finding your place in the rhythm and rhyme and the bright lights and jangling sounds of the rides may remind you of the circus your job search has become. You may think it’s time to buy another ticket and stand in line for the new ride or you may feel like it’s time to eat some more cotton candy and watch the others take their turn.  Whatever your point of view, it’s up to you to decide what best suits you and how best to manage your job search expectations.

Nothing feels like the thrill and excitement when you experience a new ride for the first time. The thrill is often tinged with a sense of nervous anticipation as you feel the adrenaline course through your system. Your job search can often times have you feeling the same way.  There is always some excitement in experiencing something new.  The thought that you are about to embark on a new adventure when you seek new employment, much like the thrill of a new ride, may have you nervous and excited at the same time.  It’s good to go with the flow and allow yourself to be caught up in the excitement of feeling something new and the anticipation of what a new job may hold. It’s important to harness that feeling but remember too much or a good thing can sometimes make you sick.

Your job search anticipation should hold with it the fun and joy you feel when you try something new. Holding onto that feeling is important because just like the sudden dip of a roller coaster, you may begin to feel that although this is fun, you really wish the ride were over. Managing your expectations during your job search is as important as all of the other skills you need when looking for a new job. Staying in the moment and embracing the experience for all that it holds will help keep you centered and make you able to truly enjoy the process. Finding the excitement in every interview, in every meeting, in every phone call or email requesting your engagement in your job search is like the thrill of your first amusement park ride.

When you engage yourself fully and enjoy the process no matter what twist and turns your job search may take, you can make the most out of the experience no matter what risks it holds.  Finding the balance in everything even if it means taking the thrills with the spills helps you manage your expectations even when the job search process is less than thrilling.

So, even when you think it’s time to take another spin around the ferris wheel savor the feeling of joy and excitement but remember the ride doesn’t end here, new opportunities await for those of you willing to take a chance.

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