Your Career: The Walking Dead

Like zombies looking for their next meal, your career can start to resemble the survival of the last few humans looking to escape the clutches of a hungry mob.  Someone once said, “Just because your dead is no reason to let yourself go,” which begs the question, Does your career deserve a proper burial or perhaps a resurrection?  It’s no time to give up even when you’ve lost all hope?  You’ve got to decide if you are the type who gives in or gets going when all the world is surrounded with rotting job offers and decaying careers.  When your career resembles a scene from The Walking Dead you’ve got to make a decision-Do you stand and fight or do you succumb and become one of the walking dead?

With hoards of folks still hovering on the unemployment line looking for any job bite or lead, you are likely to become depressed thinking your prospects aren’t any better and you’ll be joining that group any day now.  Yes, it’s true our unemployment statistics are gruesome, but that doesn’t mean you have to become one if them if you do strive to survive rather than take a nosedive.  You have to develop and hone your survival skills, because this in fact is an all out war with no end in sight. This doesn’t mean you should give up and become someone’s next happy meal, but you should start to think like a tracker and follow the trail to your next interview like a stealth warrior ready to outrun the crazed mob chasing you down.

Some zombie-career basics you should keep in mind as you venture out into the maze we now call the job hunt:

1-    Always come prepared.  Don’t show up at an interview without a resume (even though you may have emailed one earlier).

2-    Know the name of the person you are meeting, their title and position in the company and do some research on LinkedIn on their previous background so you have something to relate to and you can make a connection.

3-    Do homework on the company, its clients, revenue, its opportunities and challenges so you are well informed and know the marketplace.

4-    Make sure you don’t say anything that will make you seem desperate, hungry or overly eager for a job no matter how badly you need one-no one wants hire someone who comes off needy.

5-    Present yourself well; prepare at least five meaningful questions and follow-up, follow-up, follow-up.

These basic essentials may not guarantee a job offer, but at least you can survive your interview and come out unscathed as you venture towards your next job.

Remember, your own survival depends on your attitude and whether or not you believe you can get a job or not. Falling into the victim mentality is surely not going to win you any job offers no matter how well prepared you are-so even if you don’t feel like it, put up a good front just the same.

So the next time you feel like you can’t out run the hungry zombie attack, remember you can either beat them or join them but you can’t have both.  Choose wisely my friend, because there will be a cure for this unemployment-zombie virus and you want to be included among the lucky few who can say they actually survived it.

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