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So many dreams, so little time, what should you choose?  While job options are scarce our imagination grows hungry in our attempt to pursue our dreams. We relish thoughts of working on our laptops from the comfort of our beds or writing the next best selling novel from a cozy beach house overlooking the ocean.  Whatever your idea of the perfect job remember, you don’t have to actually retire to realize your dreams, you can work retire into it now!

Creating your “work retirement” scenario is a little like creating your resume or your career vision board.  You select from your job history and highlight those accomplishments you want others to truly notice while creating the vision of the job you want.  You don’t have to actually “retire” in order to live the life you’ve dreamed. When creating your work retirement vision you get to choose where you’d like to live and work, what you’d like to do and how often you’d like to do it and of course, whether you’d like to do it alone or with someone else. There is no need to be traditional in your approach to work. There is nothing traditional about work these days given what we are forced to live with in this job market.  Not since the Great Depression or at least since 1983 have we seen such a scarcity in jobs and an abundance in skilled labor.  That said, there is no lack of opportunity in your ability to create your own work retirement. Creating your own path now, when one is not made available to you, sometimes is the shortest way to your own success.

Our notions of retirement are antiquated.  Society tells us if we save money by investing in a 401K then we’ll eventually have enough money over time to live comfortably at the age of 65.  The notion that before 65 you have to work like hell in order to “relax” at 65 is a very depressing notion. Not only is that system of belief outdated, but I’m not sure I know anyone, even those close to 65 who see that as a viable or even attractive option. And, more importantly, who says you have to “retire” anyway?  I know many 60 + year olds who are reinventing themselves as authors, guest speakers, professors-there is more to life than to wait until 65 to start “retiring”!

Creating your own utopia of work so that it will carry you throughout your lifetime allowing you the flexibility and creativity you seek now, is the kind of work retirement of which I’m speaking. Building your work life as part of your entire life no matter what you do is the type of dream we all need to pursue. Whether you are a doctor building your dream castle in Santa Barbara, or a writer living near the coast of Cambria or the South of France, you can live to work and work to live just about anywhere and anyway you choose.  Whether you love working from your bed, or your backyard or an office, there is nothing traditional about work life any longer.  The only boundaries you have are the ones you create for yourself.

Think about how you can retire enjoying your work now, not years from now.  Create the perfect work life scenario for yourself one step at a time.  Focus on what kind of work you would like to do and where you’d like to do it.  Offer up suggestions on work alternatives, longer days, shorter weeks, reverse commutes, no commute, anything that will give you options.  Remember, you are only limited by your imagination as everything is negotiable.  You are living your golden years now. Whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned veteran, build your work retirement plan so that everyday is as enjoyable and as exciting as your childhood summer vacation or a winter recess from school.

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