What’s Your Default-Setting?

What’s a default setting you might ask?  We all have it whether you are born with it or have developed it over time.  Your default setting is the one characteristic you revert to when all else fails.  It’s at the core of who you are and what makes you-you.  Your default setting will determine how you react to life and your circumstances.  Are you naturally happy, sad, afraid, angry, frustrated or calm-it’s your “Wah,” – the spirit within that defines who you are.

Your default setting is tested when you are put in situations or are around people that “press your buttons.”  It’s not so much how you choose to react but it’s more the instinctual way handle what’s going on around you.  Some people use the expression “grace under pressure” or “bull in a china shop” to describe ways in which people react to such situations.  It’s not a physical way of being but an emotional one.  The outward behavior may have physical manifestations, crying, throwing things, laughter, but what triggers those responses is your default mechanism at work.

How you choose to react and handle your work or home, family or even your commute to the office is driven by your “default setting. People act either happy sad, or mad depending on what goes on around them.  It’s the “glass half full or empty” scenario that tells you a person’s default setting.  If you are looking at your circumstances, your work or your life in a negative way, than your default setting may be set low. If you however find comfort, joy and solitude in knowing that no matter how bad things get, you will be fine, than your default setting is set high.

No one gets an owner’s manual on how to navigate the life you were given.  But you can and you are in control of how you choose to react to it.  Attracting what you want in your life only comes from knowing what you don’t want from what you do want. It also comes from your attitude and believing enough in what you want to manifest it into your life.  If you are negative in anyway, i.e., “I can’t find work,” “I won’t get a promotion,” then you will attract more of it.  Do you ever notice how when you are having an off day everything you see and hear seems to carry the same tone?  And did you ever notice when life is good, everything around you seems to get even better.

Understanding your default setting means you can adjust it when the results are less than desirable.  Even if you are born a pessimist it does not mean you have to live the rest of your life as if the sky were falling. You may need more help in finding the silver lining, but it does exist and you are capable of creating a happy outcome to your situation no matter how dire the circumstance.  Know when the going gets rough, all you need to do is turn up the dial and make a slight adjustment.

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