What’s Your Career-Pathing?

Navigation systems have been all the rage when it comes to mapping out your travel destinations.  But what can you use to map out your career destination? Career-pathing is a term used to do just that-map out a course or plan of action that will take you from point A to point B and help you best assess your career choices and options. When you use career-pathing properly, you not only set a clear and defined course for yourself, but you help remove the guesswork in what you want to be when you grow up.

In order to properly employ the career-pathing technique, it would help if you have a general sense of which direction you’d like to go in your current job, future job or when you graduate from school.  This involves not only understanding your unique skills, experience, knowledge and personal attributes but how you can apply them to the job opportunity you seek.  There are many tools available to you by way of career assessments that can help you map out your career trajectory in a more systematic approach.  Career assessments such as DISC, Berkman, PDI all offer ways for you to calibrate your career so as to help you better navigate not only your career choices but what work environment you would most thrive and excel in.

If you are already employed and want to figure out the best way to advance within your organization, inquire with your supervisor or Human Resources on which plan may be available to you and if the company offers any kind of career-coaching or assessments designed to help you in your current position.  If you are graduating or are in a transition, making an investment in yourself by hiring a career coach or purchasing an assessment can only help you have a better understanding of which path best suits you.  It’s hard enough to apply for a job time and again or work on your resume or portfolio or bio in the hopes you’ll catch someone’s attention and get a job offer.  Those odds become tougher these days when the landscape is filled with equally qualified candidates all vying for the same job.

Investing in yourself by reaching out to your network of professional contacts, getting feedback on how well you are doing in your career, and seeking out counsel from your human resources alumni office or will help you figure out what you need to do in order to move ahead.  There is nothing wrong in asking for help just be clear on what your goal is and you’ll make the right choices in moving your career forward.

Taking time now to map out a course of action when it comes to figuring out the next steps in your career path is not a wasted exercise.  Knowing ahead of time what it’s going to take, what necessary skills you need, what experience you may be lacking will help you to best lay out a plan that will move you closer towards achieving the kind of success you dream about in your career.

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