What’s Your “Big C”?

We all have been charged with picking up the sword to fight the good fight whether we are drawing the battle lines or not.  It’s always a good idea to have a plan in the event that you are called into action lest you be caught off guard.  This strategy applies whether you are fighting a health scare, personal loss or a change in your career.  It’s always good to know what propels you into battle before the appropriate boundaries are drawn.

Here are a few “Big C’s “ that might you might consider when you look fight for the good jobs.

  1.  Commitment  No matter what the job is, your level of commitment towards your search signals to the world that you will not stop short of achieving your goals no matter what the cost. This is true whether you are going after your personal as well as professional ambitions.  Knowing how and when to commit to a project, job, or idea helps guide you in the right direction even if the road is unclear at times. 
  2. Control   We all like to be in control.  If you say control does not matter to you then you are lying.  Whether you are in control of what you eat, where you live or whom you work for or with, you like to know that you have some ability to control your destiny or at the very least your immediate outcome.  When it comes to controlling your career, know that you are in the driver’s seat no matter how tough the course it.  You don’t have to accept the first offer, a lower salary or a job that demeans you.  You can choose what you focus your attention on and control the outcome of any career choice no matter how dire the situation.
  3. Caution Sometimes the flashing yellow caution sign is there to remind you to take a step, pause and reassess where you are going when it comes to your career choices.  Remember being critical and cautious about your choices when it comes to your career is an important step in knowing which job you should take from those you should turn down. Being discriminating is a good thing and showing a bit of caution when it comes to choosing the right job makes sense for your long-term career growth.
  4. Choice Yes, you do have them and sometimes more than one! Endless choices abound so don’t get stuck on anyone direction because you think you have made up your mind.  Just when you think you’ve made up your mind, another option is immediately made available to you.  Just because you make a decision, does not mean that opportunities stop coming to you.  Always know that just when you think you have made a decision, another one is always lurking just around your career corner so be prepared! 
  5. Change And just as sure as you will have many choices available to you whether you are content in your career or are looking for a new one, you can count on one thing the constant of change. It’s okay if a situation is bad it will get better and just when you think it’s great, the situation can turn on a dime and become dismal.  The good news is that, like the ebb and flow of the tides, your options will always flow towards and away from you.  The only certainty there is when it comes to your career is that change is imminent so don’t freak out – just learn to flow with it.

So the next time you question what your “Big C’s” are, know that committing, control, caution, choice and change are always part of the process so don’t be afraid because your career won’t know the difference.

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