What You Are Willing To Put Up With…

You may love your job you may hate your job.  You may have a great boss or  you can’t wait to bolt out the door at 6pm. If you know what motivates you to come to work in the morning that’s great but if you still struggle with whatever it is that keeps you up at night maybe it’s time for a little soul-searching.  We all have our breaking point.  We all push the limits of our success no matter what we think is important to us.

It’s not like you are trying to turn a blind’s eye to people or situations that make you uncomfortable or do not serve your long-term career goals.  But when you put up with things far longer than you should whose interests do you really have at stake?  It’s okay to be optimistic that a job situation will work out.  Whether you are fighting with a co-worker have lost the trust of your boss, or don’t really love what you are doing you will eventually have to find a time to be true to yourself and be able to live with your choices.

Testing your resolve at work means you may have to condition yourself to trust those you would ordinarily pass in the hall without a second glance. Knowing who your friends are is one thing but do you know who your office mate is really when it comes to trust and confidence?  Things move fast at work, people change but knowing how much you are willing to put up with when it comes to your work environment is important not only to your sanity but to your ultimate career success.

Making sure you are part of a work environment that fosters trust, cooperation good communication and where you are in a position to not only learn but to grow is a prerequisite to any career move you are considering. When you allow yourself to work in conditions that erode your confidence and your ability to trust others, you set yourself up for failure and a stressful work life. It’s one thing to roll with the punches it’s another thing to keep getting punched.

Learning to protect yourself and to recognize when a situation or person is not the best for you when it comes to your career advancement is a valuable lesson to adapt early in your career.  It’s easy to be liked and to like everyone around you, but knowing how to carefully pick and choose your battles and your friends will be one of the greatest skills you learn in your career life.  Sometimes you may think you have to travel a rough road or deal with difficult people in order to get ahead in your career.  The good news is that you don’t need to put up with anyone or anything that makes you uncomfortable or unsettled in your job.  There are plenty of things in life that will cause you sleepless nights and your job, your work or your boss should not be one of them.

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