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Well, August is upon us.  Time for family vacations, time spent on the beach, bbq’s, school shopping for the kids, last minute house-cleaning before Labor Day and all those projects at home and at work that keep piling up.  No time for vacation you say?  Well, how about we plan a vacation at your office?

Whether it’s your home office or one that overlooks the ocean, everyone needs time to regroup, refresh and renew in order to get prepared for the next season.  Some of us feel in order to be successful we must push forward and work tirelessly and non-stop thinking if we just do this one more thing it will bring us that much closer to our goal. Hard work does not always translate into success. It actually can be counter-productive especially when we lose focus and work ourselves into career oblivion.  We are led to believe that the standard two week vacation is enough time to enjoy time by ourself, with friends or family in an effort to escape the remaining 5o weeks in a year you use to devote yourself to your job or looking for your next one.

When we don’t have “time” for a traditional vacation, we can create one right at our desks.  We can take a break just about anywhere and we don’t need to use up our annual vacation time to find time to relax.  Your office can be the safe haven you create to unwind and reconnect with yourself.   Being able to grant yourself the time to take care of yourself is a privilege and an honor.  Make your office a place where you can transform your desk into a studio for writing, reading, painting or just to gaze out the window, assuming you have one.

Transforming your office into a vacation paradise is easier than you think.  Here are some ways to turn your surroundings into a peaceful and tranquil setting and turn everyday into a vacation:

  • Plan an afternoon walk or trip to a movie or art gallery.  You don’t need to take vacation in days or weeks, you can take them increments to enjoy and make the most out of your days.
  • Really “transform” your office.  Remove work and responsibilities and hide them in a locked cabinet or drawer.  Remove anything that requires you to take action and put out some fresh flowers, plants or candles around to make you feel like you are somewhere else.
  • Create a putting green and play some golf; put up a dart board and have other games to find the time to unwind and enjoy yourself.
  • Make “You Time” part of your day.  Go for a massage, play music, plan time to talk to friends and find ways to transport yourself out of your work and into your holiday.
  • Take extra long lunches, go shopping do things you would ordinarily not find time to do because you are too busy “working” and not enjoying yourself.
  • If you work for someone else, tell them you are on  a mini”Work Vacation” and are taking time in the day for some breaks.  If you work for yourself, you are your own boss so manage your relaxation well and don’t feel guilty if you are not answering your phone or email.

Put aside your projects and commit to doing only what you consider pleasurable and that will give you the feeling that you were on a two week cruise. While you may not always be able to get away from the fast paced work life you’ve created for yourself, allow yourself time to regain your peace of mind and tranquility right from inside your office.

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