Two Words: Google Yourself!

You may think you know who you are and how you come across to others. You’ve built a great reputation in the industry and have many unsolicited Linked In endorsements to your credit. You are often asked to speak at industry events, offered great assignments at work and let’s just say you are considered a “fan favorite “when it comes to being offered new career opportunities without so much as lifting a resume. That may all be well and good and congratulations for coming so far in your career. However, do you really have a handle on how the world out there views you?

There is one very over looked area of your career that can make the mightiest of you tumble without so much as a warning. When it comes to really making sure you put your best professional foot forward one question comes to mind, “Do you Google yourself?” It’s not like you are so self-obsessed you are wondering what the rest of the world may think of you and every given minute. As much as you may think you don’t have to worry abut being confused by the other person sharing your same name and professional groups, it might not be a bad idea to make sure you at least know who you are being compared to when it comes to being checked out before you even interview for the job.

Not long ago I tried this myself and was surprised to see what came up. To my surprise “Lisa Kaye” was also a 23- year old Clique model brandishing a little more than a string bikini in most photos. Not that I would mind others confusing me for that Lisa Kaye, but when you are trying to build a professional reputation, looks count. Being prepared by knowing how your web profile appears is not a bad thing when it comes to the invisible world of the Internet and the things you think you have no control over but you do. If you find that you have googled yourself and you don’t appear anywhere that is another piece of information to help you better brand, market and highlight who you are in your profession lest you be completely forgotten. As much as you may be concerned about whom you are compared with, not being compared to anyone or not showing up at all is just as big a problem for your professional career as being compared to the wrong person.

It’s good to know you are liked and respected by those in the profession who know you. But for those who do not, making sure you button up the other parts of your professional life by ensuring that your Google profile ranks you in the way you want to be represented is an important factor. If you think that no one will check you out before they meet you for an interview or meeting, guess again. Just as important as making sure your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter profiles represent you well, you need to be mindful that we live in an age where anyone could know everything about someone they have not even met in the tap of a key stroke!

Making sure your online presence maps to your resume is something to keep in mind and not take for granted. It’s a good rule of thumb to check your profile and search your name and industry to see what comes up to make sure you are not only in the best of company but that the information in the world wide web is accurate and concise. Finding a job and making sure your reputation remains in tact may not have been something they taught you when you were first applying for jobs, but it’s the new age common sense when it comes to making sure you are who you say you are and not someone else.

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