This Is Where I Quit….

You may have days where you think the job you are in is the right job, right now and you can walk at any time with little or no provocation. You may love your job some days and you may be waiting for the phone to ring hoping your next best offer is just around the desk waiting for you to take a leap of faith. When the job you love no longer loves you do you have what it takes to just quit? No one likes to feel like jumping ship is the best option. But, when you’ve tried all you can and you know this is not where you want to be, do you ask yourself, “Is this where I quit?”

Finding work life balance may be one issue that is making you second-guess your career choices. Being passed over time and again for a promotion or raise when your co-workers fly up the corporate ladder of success may be yet another. You may have thought it would be a lot easier for you by now to get what you wanted from your job or your career only to find that the road was much harder than you imagined. If you had to do it again, would you choose your current career path or would you go another way? Finding and keeping the right job is not as easy as it use to be especially as personal and professional pressures continue to mount.

You may have a family to support, kids in college or aging parents who depend on you for financial assistance. Pressures will always be there pulling you in one direction or another, but when the job just becomes a means to pay the bills you know you have to start thinking about other options. You may feel you have no options and that all you need to do is keep the pipeline moving with cash and the world will be a better place. Getting stuck in a rut when it comes to paying bills and staying in a job you hate can be overwhelming and well at times paralyzing.

Creating options for yourself can be as simple as going to lunch once a week with a different colleague and exploring what other companies are doing and how you might fit into their plans. Keeping up on all that’s happening in your world outside your company may ensure some hope when you think you have nothing more than what is in front of you today. You may decide to take side consulting jobs while keeping your full time job in an effort to break out of a pattern of misery and offer you a way to earn extra money doing something you love.

Walking away from a job is never easy but making a conscious decision that the job you are in no longer works for you is important step to ensure your long-term happiness and success. It might not always be a bed of roses at the office, but knowing when it’s time to quit something that quit you a long time ago takes courage and guts and makes you see that the working world can be more than a means to an end-it can be the beginning of a world of professional success.

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