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Second-guessing is a natural part of the process especially when you’ve been out of the job search game for a while.  Or, maybe you are so sure of yourself that you know what you want and don’t feel the need to waste your time on networking outside of your comfort zone?  It’s okay, no one is judging you, however, when it comes to knowing what you want from what you don’t want, it’s always a good idea to take the meeting to help you figure it out.

Here are a few simple things to keep in mind the next time you decide it’s not worth your time to interview for a job you are not sure you want:

1)   You Never Know Who You’ll Meet:  My mother use to offer that up any time I went out to a party or social gathering hoping I’d come home with a date for the next party.  In this case, taking a meeting with a potential job prospect under no circumstances is a waste of your time.  You need to put yourself out there even if you think you don’t want to relocate or the pay is an issue.

2)   Don’t Live In Your Head: Second guessing takes the form of many negative thoughts and patterns of behavior that are counter-productive to your end result, that is getting a job.  Talking yourself out of going on an interview because you believe they won’t pay you enough, you won’t like the commute or you not sure if the “brand” is one you should work for all point to someone who is talking themselves out of a potential job before one is offered to you. Stop over-dramatizing things and just learn to go with the flow.

3)   Wait For the Job Offer:  Saying “no” to something BEFORE they offer it to you is another way to sabotage your job search efforts.  Talking yourself out of something before it even materializes builds your fear base not your career network.  Finding a way around your fears and the noises in your head will help you stay on track and not scare you away from your intended goal, a firm job offer.

4)   Taking the Lead: Stop following others when it comes to knowing what is best for you.  Take the lead on your job search by clearly articulating what you want up front and enlisting the help of others. Chasing every job lead is going to take you off course but staying clear and focused on the companies, the types of jobs and the area you want to work in will help you in the long run.

The next time you play make believe with your self, stop and make sure you know exactly what it is you want in your life and what you’d like to get rid of.  When you fool yourself into believing that one thing is better or not from the other, you may make it harder for you to know the difference between a great opportunity and  a missed one.

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