Practice What You Preach

It’s easy to give out advice to someone you think you might be able to help whether it’s coming to their aid during personal crises or giving them a hand with their resume.  You may find it easy to help others when what you really may need is the ability to help yourself.  It may be easy for you to recognize what’s not working when it comes to someone else’s life, but do you hold the same level of scrutiny when it comes to your own?

Why does it always seem we know how to fix someone else’s problems or see clearly how the other person needs to handle a situation yet when it comes to our own life, we suddenly have blinders on?  Maybe being too close to a situation helps or hurts your ability to see clearly when it comes to your own life.  Handling your own affairs the way you would handle your best friend is a gift you probably never realized you could give yourself if you just opened yourself up and really tried. When it comes to your career, you may not have all the answers but try treating yourself the same way you would treat your best friend by providing yourself with honest and thoughtful feedback even if you may not feel like you are in a position to hear it.

Having the courage to take yourself on the way you would take on a friend in need may make you your own best friend and give you the kind of sage advice you’ve always been after.  You know what you want even though you may not be in the best position to hear it especially coming from yourself.  Practicing what you preach to others is the first step in recognizing that you do have a perspective on what matters to you and how to get ahead even if you can’t help stumbling along the way. Practicing what you preach to others gives you a sense of knowing what works from what doesn’t and puts you in a position of really being of value to achieving your own successes as you would be in helping others achieve theirs.

You do know what it takes to make you happy and successful in your career whether you are just starting out or are well on your way towards reaching your career goals. You have no problem sharing your wisdom, insights and perspective when it comes to helping others reach their goals so it’s no time to hold back when it comes to taking some of your own advice.  It’s never easy forging ahead on your own even though you may like to live vicariously through another’s efforts, but knowing you can and will move forward by heeding your own advice should give you the courage you need to make the right decisions for yourself.  Learning to become your own best friend may be the best advice you can offer yourself and maybe even sharing it with others.

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