Mid-Year Resolution-How Are You Doing?

With the start of each year comes the endless promise to take care of everything from losing weight, to paying down your debt, to finding that perfect job or any job for that matter.  We have the right idea by starting the year off with the best of intentions.  But what do you do to check in and make sure you are still on plan? There is only one priority when making resolutions and that is YOU.  Selfish as this may sound you will not stand a fighting chance to succeed at any of the goals you have set for yourself if you neglect the one most important person in your life and that is you.   Do yourself a favor and create a Mid-Year Resolution check in and make sure you keep yourself on track.

How do you even go about that you may wonder when you have so many obligations and responsibilities to everyone and everything else in your life that also matters as much as yourself?  You might even think it is not possible to spend time focusing on you when your commitments continue to mount and you have nothing left to give anyone else let alone yourself.  When you get caught in the scramble of everyday life and you begin to lose sight of you, stop, regroup and remember to re-prioritize.  If you are not at the top of your to-do list this year than something is woefully wrong with your priorities.  It’s not just about making time for yourself, that’s a given. But ordering in a sense of balance and an investment in taking care of what’s important to you as your number one priority is what counts.

Creating balance is really about knowing what it is you want, taking stock in what you have, and setting your mind to creating and realizing the goals you want to accomplish.  Life does get in the way, but if you keep yourself front and center at all times you have a better than average chance at succeeding at what you set your mind to.

  • Yes, this is about making YOU your number one priority.
  • Yes, this is about creating what YOU want.
  • Yes, this is about setting YOUR boundaries.
  • Yes, this is about eliminating people and situations that no longer work in YOUR life.
  • Yes, this is about honoring YOUR feelings.
  • Yes, this is about honoring YOUR authentic self.
  • Yes, this is about caring for YOUR own needs.
  • Yes, this is about knowing when to say NO.
  • Yes, this is about allowing guilt to rule YOUR decisions.
  • Yes, this is about becoming YOUR own best friend.

If you don’t start here, if you don’t allow yourself the respect you deserve by honoring you, no matter what goals, intentions, resolutions or lists you think you are creating to realize your dreams, than you will not succeed no matter how much effort you put into it.  Why? Because you will allow “life” to get in the way with its schedules, meetings, appointments and meaningless lists of things you need to take care of because somewhere you decided those things were more important than taking care of you.

So remember to do your mid-year check in and keep yourself on track no matter what your friends and family might think of your newfound self-love. In the end, you are all you have and if you don’t treating yourself like you are number one, what makes you think anyone including your employer will in the future?

Here’s to you in the New Year!

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