Lie, Cheat & Steal- What Would You Do?

How desperate are you really?  Would you sell your soul for the right opportunity? Would you get a divorce, cheat on your significant other, steal, or lie for money, fame or a corner office?  What lengths would you go to in order to secure your future career aspirations?  It was recently reported where Yahoo! CEO, Scott Thompson falsely claimed a computer science degree on his resume to land his job.  Not that it may have helped him in his long-term career goals, but it certainly added a credential to his resume when he needed it.  What would you do in order to land your perfect job?

It’s not a question many of you think about certainly those of you who believed they were raised with integrity, morality and a code of ethics. But under extreme circumstances, i.e. loss of job, years of unemployment, countless rejections, just how far would you go to keep your job or what lengths would you go to find a new one? Knowing who you are and what you would do in order to build your career empire separates you from well, the rest of the rat pack trying to figure out the same thing.

How far is too far when it comes to getting a job?  Lying or “shading the truth” as some might say, offers you a few options to sell yourself up or sell yourself short depending on how good a liar you are.  There may be very little you may believe capable of doing in order to save your job or your livelihood or maybe not.  Maybe there are limits to even the most moral among you and you just have not found your tipping point.  Thinking how far you would go to beat out the competition whether you have a job or not can tell you a lot about yourself if you dare to dig deep enough.

Look no one is perfect.  I’m sure there have been circumstances where you may have stretched the truth some to ace an interview.  Or, maybe you “sold” yourself a little too aggressively in order to get a job offer.  Whatever motivates you to move ahead should not prevent you from judging your intentions or your actions when it comes to getting a job. Listen with advanced methods of background screening, testing and checking, it’s the company’s fault if they can’t tell whether you’re lying or not right?

Well, so long as you can live with yourself and sleep at night who is to judge you or yourself when it comes to doing whatever it takes to make sure you eat and pay your bills.  Desperate times my friend, but does it mean you have to be desperate too?  Think about what’s really important to you and don’t allow others or yourself to push you in an uncomfortable direction and lose who you really are-that is of course unless lying comes easy to you.

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