Let It Be

When you are in doubt, despair, or you just plain can’t do it anymore like the song says, “There will be an answer, Let it be.”  Sometimes you just don’t know where the answer will come from but chances are, when you are at your most concerned, the answer will appear if you just “let it be.”

Whether it’s the job market, the economy, your personal life or the fact you can’t stand the commute any longer, whatever is getting under your skin the fact is this to shall pass.  When you are ready to call it quits, think about all that is good in your life (even if you have to think creatively), and pull yourself together.

Here are a few things to remember:

1)   When you don’t think you’ll ever find the right job, show up for the interview, do your best and then let it be;

2)   If you’ve prepped for your last interview and you know you just don’t have it in you for yet another sad ending, put on a good front and let it be;

3)   Having faced what seems to be an endless stream of rejections, have enough courage to know you are great and let it be;

4)   Finding yourself over and over again and not knowing if you are moving in the right direction, take one small step forward and let it be;

5)   Saying yes when you really mean no or not now, and your self-confidence may need a bit of adjusting, just breathe and let it be;

6)   Being afraid to ask for the salary you really deserve instead of accepting what is being offered without standing up for yourself, stand tall, speak straight and let it be;

7)   Being passed over time and again for the promotion you worked so hard for without so much of an explanation from your boss, it’s time to know when you’ve stayed too long at the party and let it be;

8)   Feeling unappreciated after giving your blood, sweat and tears after so many years of grinding away, just think about all of the good times you experienced and all the great people you’ve met, and let it be;

9)   When you hate your job, your boss and everything you’ve ever dealt with at work, think about the fact that you can always change your fate and make any choice that will make you happy, make the decision and let it be;

10)  When all else fails and you really think you are out of options when it comes to finding your best job, think again, seek help, ask questions, trust in yourself and above all let it be.

There is always a way even though you think all roads towards success are blocked.  Knowing you can change the course of your career at any crossroad is enough to go with the flow, trust and of course, let it be.

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