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It may be easy for you to know what you want out of life the minute you emerge from the womb.  For some, the journey in discovering what makes you happy in your career takes a little longer.  Being honest about what you want is the key to finding and landing the career that you want.  This is true whether you are starting out without much experience as it is for someone with an incredible resume.

The decision to find and declare what you want is what sets you apart from those that are still struggling or not being true to themselves.  It’s not okay if you take a job that you are not fully committed to only to think you’ll leverage the opportunity for something else within the organization.  You are not only fooling yourself but you are fooling those that depend on you at work and at home.  If you’ve been a writer for so long but long to be a development executive, or if you are a lawyer but really love operations make sure you know how to make a choice that’s right for you.

It’s dishonest to think that by following what you are good at vs. what you want from your career that you are making the right choice. Telling your boss that you love your job when you really don’t is not helping anyone.  You can feel like you must tell people what they want to hear in order to be a success but that is not going to make the road any easier for you if you do want to make a change. It’s hard enough getting up going to work and managing your work life balance even if you love your job, but when you are managing to put up a good front when you really want to be doing something else, is not honoring yourself or the relationship you have with others.

No one is going to dislike you less if you state your intentions from the start and tell it like it is when it comes to making your career choice. You will not only be doing yourself a favor by being honest but you will be helping your boss and your company manage to your strengths.  No one wants to work with someone who is not 100% committed to his or her job.  Yes you work hard but that does not mean you are dedicated or happy in what you are doing.  Your unhappiness comes through no matter how good an actor you are and no matter how much muscle you put into the job.

The next time you take a job you don’t want don’t make it someone else’s problem to fix it.  Take ownership of your choices and manage to dignify your actions with self-respect and integrity.  Make sure you know what you want from your next job before you jump in with both feet, as this will save you a lot of time, money and heartache in the end.

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