Keeping it Simple in the New Year…

With the New Year upon us it’s time to clear the way for the new by discarding the old. Time to clear out the closets and rid yourself of what no longer fits. Grab that hefty bag and start emptying out draws, shelves and purge anything and everything in your life that no longer serves you. When you start the New Year with a clean slate in every aspect of your life, you send yourself and the universe a message that you are making room for the new.  It’s time to simplify your life and your job search and to make room for your next career move.

We all have a tendency to hold onto those things we have accumulated throughout our life long after we need them. And in an age where we are learning to value ourselves, this can sometimes refer to people, friends and jobs that no longer fit what we may need moving forward.  It’s okay to be a little self-centered when it comes to being selective and choosing wisely.  This applies to your friends, co-workers, career and anything you decide to align yourself with. Making the choice to surround yourself with supportive people who can help you is a nurturing and selfless act. Choosing to surround yourself with situations that help guide you in the right direction is an act worth pursuing.

When you simplify your life and clear out the unnecessary, you are making a conscious choice in declaring what you want vs. what you do not want.  By “keeping it simple” you allow yourself to focus on a short list of priorities that are truly important to you in reaching your goals.  When you rid yourself of the needless distractions that make up your life, or the people you may come to find are not truly your friend, you are doing something very bold and very special no matter how difficult the process may seem. When you simplify your job search you are not taking the easy way out.  It’s not necessary for you to throw yourself at every job opening hoping one will stick.  Try being selective, precise and simple in your focus and attention and apply for jobs and companies that seem right for you.  Applying for every job you see because you feel less productive if you don’t, is like hanging onto to a pair of old socks because you may need to wear them one day.  You will never wear those socks again so throw them out!

Your job search is no different.  If you’ve applied for the same job with the same company over and over again, you are getting stuck and you need to move on. It’s like anything that no longer works, recognize it, thank it for helping you become more aware and move on. It’s important to rid yourself of habits that no longer work as vital part of the cleansing process.  Habits are usually learned behaviors developed out of a need or lack of something else you want and believe you can’t have. When you stick to “bad” habits as a result, you limit your experience and willingness to try new things. Discerning your talents and skills appropriately and applying them to job openings or networking opportunities that may help you land your next job is a good way to simplify and to choose wisely.  Habits based in fear hold you back and prevent you from trying something new.  It’s not to say fear isn’t a good barometer in helping you choose which job or company is right for you.  Being confident in your ability to know the difference and to know what you like may not always be as simple, but making an effort towards that understanding is a good start.

Simplifying your job search is the act of choosing wisely in all cases. Learning the difference between what you want to attract in your life from what you are holding onto by force of habit or just because you don’t know when it’s time to let go.  It’s time to hit restart and make room in your life for something new and exciting to present itself. By keeping it simple and by clearing your past including people, places and things that no longer serve you is a good start towards a bright career and a prosperous future.

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4 thoughts on “Keeping it Simple in the New Year…

  1. Lisa,

    Enjoyed your article on keeping it simple in the new year and looking forward to reading more.

    Kevin Strong

  2. Dear Lisa,
    Very nice article!

    Obstacles are those dreadful things that i see when i take my eyes off from my objectives! Yeah, this is another way of looking at what you have articulated so well in your blog. I couldn’t agree with you more that life should be as simple as it is. This includes everything around you…

    Thanks for a very nice reading…I look forward to reading many more articles like this!

    Best Regards,

  3. Great Article! I was thinking of some of these ideas for my new year and this article outlined it perfectly! Thanks for sharing!! Look forward to reading more!

    Kimberly Aylesworth

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