Jurassic Job

ThinkstockPhotos-145905583Bigger than life, older than dirt, running for the hills these may be themes that define your prehistoric job history. Looking for your next big adventure may be as simple as moving your desk to a different corner of the room. But for some us, finding a way out of the primordial landscape that has become your daily job is impossible. When you find yourself preferring being trampled by a dinosaur over attending one more meaningless meeting with a boss you’d like to stomp, always know there is a way out even if you have to take a drastic BIG step!

You may have to walk through fire before you get to the other side of your Jurassic Job, but knowing that you can escape your frustrations is a first step to making the change you so necessarily need. Whether you are trying to define your role in the organization, compete with a co-worker for a coveted promotion, or score some points with the new executive, navigating your job is as difficult as trying to wrangle a pre-historic animal to the ground. If there is nothing new for you to learn at work figure out a need in the company and just start doing it. Have an impossible relationship with a supervisor? Learn to take a risk and ask him/her out to lunch. Know you will be passed up for the promotion yet again? Re-define your role with a new job description and beat your superiors to the punch.

Having faith in your abilities is one thing, but knowing how to leverage your options and take out of this world risks is another. You are not suppose to have the answer to every question that you face at your job, but it would be nice to have some idea where your going even if no one around you seems to notice. Getting the answers you need may be important in knowing where you fit in the grand scheme of things. But if those answers are not readily available are you ready to make up your own solutions no matter how drastic they may seem?

Sometimes in your job you have to be bold and do things that they don’t teach you in school. It’s okay to be a little different, a little out of the ordinary to break years of tradition and doing things the old fashioned way. Just because your boss is a dinosaur does not mean you have to become one too. They hired you for your skills but now it’s up to you to show them how to be innovative and be daring despite the tried and true methods of yester-year.

It’s okay to honor what has come before you in the way of tradition, but doing things just because that’s been the only way is living in the dark ages. It’s up to you to break with tradition and forge a new path towards creating your job history lest you become one of the rotting relics in the field of bones known as your career.

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