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You have options.  Like a drive thru menu at the car wash, you can select your basic or premium package when it comes to knowing how you to treat your job search.  You are worth more than the basic scrub and wash.  When you are seeking help to make the best career choices possible know what it takes to deliver the best results and don’t settle for less.  Frustrated by not knowing how you can position yourself to stand out from the crowd of hungry and anxious job seekers all vying for the same spot?

When it comes to your career, you should not short change your options or what you are willing to invest in order to have an advantage over your competition. It’s not about which options make the most sense for you, it’s what you are willing to invest in yourself to get the best results.  Here are a few tips on how to manage your Job Wash menu options:

  1. Rinse & Wash:  When it comes to the basics, knowing that you need to at least spruce up the resume, get the LinkedIn profile updated and maybe buy some new clothes to make a good first impression on your interview, know what it will take to set yourself up right.  Having the basics covered gives you a good start when you are really ready to ramp up your job search in style.
  2. Buff & Polish: Knowing you’ve got the goods helps you develop the confidence you need to focus on making the most of your job search and in an interview.  Getting in front of the right people and networking your holiday butt off will only help you stand out when you are mixing career choices with eggnog.  Get out and make new friends and stretch the limits of the world of “networking” to your advantage.
  3. Premium Upgrade:  Engaging the services of a career or life coach or someone who can be an unbiased advocate to help you not only make sure your resume reads like a Pulitzer Prize winning novel, but who can also help you figure out what your best approach to your next career move should be.
  4. Quick Dry:  Knowing how long to stay in line for the right job opportunity is like counting down the timer on the dryer at the car wash-some folks want every second to count, others power through with at least 40 seconds to spare!  If you are deliberate in your intention on how long you wait for the perfect job you may seek out every opportunity to go through the interview process loving every moment of the suspense. Or   you may be the type who powers through the interview cycle, weighing every option and jumping at the first offer that is presented.

However you navigate your job wash know that you are always the one choosing which service bests suits you.  What works for others may not work for you and vice versa.  Knowing how to select the best career choices for you helps you enjoy the job wash process and will make you squeaky clean and ready for your long drive towards success.

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