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You strive for your right to be free and to able to choose a life that you want and not what someone wants for you.  Why then do you find it so hard to make that same choice when it comes to your career?  Some of you seem shackled to jobs that no longer serve you just because you are afraid to choose another path.  You are just as free to stay stuck as you are to change so why do you continue to stay where you are no longer welcome?

Quitting something that makes you unhappy, miserable and gives you a knot in your stomach upon waking for work, takes guts, determination and a certain amount of fearlessness. Knowing that you can turn back anytime you choose regardless what you choose should give you enough confidence to be able to free yourself from the job you love to hate.

When you’ve become your own jail keeper, it’s time to make some decisions about your future whether you are afraid to admit you know what you want or not.  It would be easy if you had a life/career path that was all neatly laid out before you.  But when you have moved from job to job or have changed companies as often as you’ve changed socks, you start to think it might be worth staying stuck for a while.  There is no nobility in hanging where you have served your purpose and you are no longer happy in what you are doing.  Quitting something is not the act of a coward but of a noble warrior ready to take on the world.

When you know how to take care of your core needs you move from becoming your own jailer to your own liberator.  It’s okay to say you don’t like your boss or the people you work with and would rather be someplace else.  But what are you actually willing to do about it?  Complaining only gets you so far but taking action by freeing yourself from the confines of your own career choice takes courage.

It’s not easy to admit something isn’t working or the powers that be don’t support you at work or, you are just not that into the job anymore.  Pretending that all is okay when you are not as happy or challenged as you would like to be is a game many of us play in order to avoid the really hard work-making a change. Your job freedom comes at a price and even if the price is your sanity and happiness it’s one that is worth making knowing that you don’t have to stay stuck in a place you no longer like.  Your bills will get paid, your family and friends will still respect you, you’ll likely find an even better job, so stop battling all of the questions in your head and take the keys that lock you in your career cage and break free.  The liberation is exhilarating and you will wonder why you waited so long?

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