How To Become A Stealth Job Seeker?

ThinkstockPhotos-480122648As of June the current unemployment rate in the US is 5.5%. That is a marked improvement from two years ago. So what does that actually mean to you? If you are just graduating, ready to make a job change or just kicking the tires to see what’s out there, the good news is there are plenty-o-jobs! You might be struggling to find the right job for you but that does not mean that your options, choices and opportunities are limited. What it does mean however is that it’s time to not take any job that is offered to you but know how to become the stealth job candidate and choose the job that is right for you.

You might ask okay how do I know which job is the right one for me? Well doing your homework about the company you are considering is a no brainer. But how many of you actual dig deeper? When it’s time to narrow down your short list of potential employers you’d consider working for, think not only about the company but the person you’d be working for as well. Many of us think that if we get an interview let alone an offer from a company we’ve been courting for a while that we have got it made. Our curiosity about the company may stop with the benefits package or the 401k match. But it shouldn’t. Your sleuthing should just begin when you have honed in on the company and the job you are considering.

How do you go about being a stealth candidate? Well the process starts with coming up with a few key questions and the digging does not stop there. You not only need your Q&A list but you better start working your network of contacts and of course the internet to do some serious digging about not just the place you will be working but the people you will be working with.

Stealth Job Seeker Q&A List:

  1. How long did the last person stay in the job you are applying for and why did they leave?
  2. What reputation does the person you’ll be working for have in the company and outside the industry?
  3. How many people have been promoted under his/her leadership?
  4. Did you check out glassceiling or Google the name of the person you’d be working for?
  5. What reviews do the employee’s give this person?
  6. Have you asked to speak to any internal direct reports before taking the job?
  7. What type of communication style does this person have?
  8. Did s/he ask any inappropriate questions during the interview that make you nervous?
  9. Is this someone you think you can learn from or someone who will likely suck the life out of you?
  10. What does your gut tell you about this person?

Considering and accepting a job before you do the really hard work might save you time and years of aggravation if you make a choice that is not right for you. Don’t be afraid to ask some serious questions before you accept your next job offer. It’s neither inappropriate nor unprofessional if you dig as deep as you can before you start the onboarding process. Hey if they don’t like your line of inquiry, then you know it’s not the right company for you.

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