Here Today, Gone Tomorrow…

Just like that it can turn on a dime.  You have a great job you love and you find out your boss who has always been supportive of you is leaving, or your company is downsizing and has decided to relocate your division to another state.  OR, you may have been at this for quite sometime taking meetings, having breakfast at the local coffee shop to network with your fellow unemployed or underemployed comrades, and then it hits, the call you’ve been waiting for-a job offer at last!

We’ve all been through the ups and downs we call life.  Whether it has to do with your career, your health, or your home life, we all have to be prepared for the day that inevitably will change where you are right now.  The good news is that change is imminent, the bad news, is you will never know when.  Being prepared despite the lack of control you have over your future is part of what it’s like to be ready no matter what happens.

Your faith in the unknown can carry you through the tough times, but know that no matter what and no matter how grim things look now, it will change-here today, gone tomorrow.  That goes for the good times as well.  Cherishing the job, the income, the office and the company perks is important because honestly, you don’t know how long you will have those in your life.  Being grateful for what you have helps you to appreciate what you want from your future and motivates you to be prepared in case the inevitable “change” strikes you at any given moment.

Being prepared does not mean you are living in the negative and worrying about the possibility of loss or starvation.  Having a plan of action ready just enables you to rest easy should you lose your job or find yourself in transition earlier than expected.   Some things to keep in mind to help you stay ready might include:

  1. Having at least 6-12 months worth of income saved in the event you lose your job.  This does not mean you’ll need it, it just means you can take some of the pressure off if you know you have a safety net to catch you when you fall.
  2. Cultivating your friends and network BEFORE you need them not when you may be pounding the pavement.  Making sure you have updated contact information, going to lunches and staying connected before you may call on them for a job or a job lead.
  3. Making sure all of your personal affairs are in order, do you know what your benefits plan includes?  Do you have life, disability and long-term care insurance?  Do you have an updated will and estate planning?  What does your financial portfolio look like?  Who are your beneficiaries? Taking a look at your life is a good way to stay prepared so you can protect yourself but those who may rely on you as well.
  4. Update your resume and bio before you need them is a good way to make sure you have everything you need before change occurs.  This could mean having samples of creative work or other information you may need to showcase your talents that you may not have access to once you are gone.
  5. Refinancing your home, consolidating lines of credit or applying for new credit should be handled and addressed while you have a job as it’s easier to check references and get the credit you need in the event you find you are without a job.

Taking responsibility and action not only for your future but for your family is as much as you can do stay ahead of the curve. You may never need to take action on any of these things, but isn’t it good to know that you won’t be the one who is panicking because you had the foresight to take care of yourself and your family before the “gone tomorrow” is “here today?”

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