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We all like to plan and plan and well, plan what our lives will be like in the future.  Thinking, building, dreaming about what your next job will be, how your career will unfold and what new challenges and opportunities lay before you is a great way to spend a rainy Sunday morning in front of a roaring fire.  The romantic sounds of your thoughts as they sweep past all of the scenarios your active mind chooses to paint, is a great way to vision your career the way you’d like it to be whether the fantasy is real or not.  It’s great to know you can dream and it’s great to dream big. What you don’t want to lose is your imagination no matter how far-fetched your career dreams carry you. Keeping your thoughts on the high-road helps you dream the impossible dream and imagine your career, as you’d like it to be.  What you need to remember when you come down to earth is applying those dreams in the here and now.  You can get there from here but you can’t if you don’t apply your vision to your reality.

Getting lost in your thoughts is good so long as you know when it’s time to come down to earth.  Living in the here and the now helps you recognize where you are and how much further you may need to go to get your dream job.  You’ve got to take stock in what obstacles, roadblocks and challenges are in front of you NOW before you have a chance to recognize the opportunities that lay ahead.  If you get stuck in the future you can’t learn to change what is not working or even appreciate what is working for you right now.

1-    Take stock in what you have now, make a list, check it twice and make sure you list all that you possess now and all that you want to possess from your career in the future. Acknowledge the abundance in your life, your friends, family, finances, gifts, etc.  Just because you feel you lack something now does not mean you should ignore what you do have in your life in the present only to dream your life away in the future.

2-    Make a wish list whether realistic or not and don’t judge yourself in the process of building your dream job.  That list could read, “VP title, $300K a year, car, world travel, big staff, …”

3-    Put a time-line next to each things you’d like to accomplish in the near and far future.  There is no harm in planning well into the future and remember things change and nothing is locked in stone. Don’t be afraid to commit yourself to your dreams.  It’s up to you to decide what you want and when you want it and the universe will deliver it to you on a silver platter if you just stay focused and intent on getting what you want.

It’s important to always have a vision of what it is you want from your career without reservation or guilt.  Living in the here and the now helps you to build the plan that will take you down the road to finding your true passion and living the dream job you desire.

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