Have You Become An Urban Legend?

You may be at this job search thing for so long you are beginning to believe the stories they might be saying about you.  Maybe they tell you that you are over qualified?  Maybe they think you are asking for too much?  Or, it could be that you just might be out of the game for so long you’ve lost your appeal along with your confidence?  Others may see you as yesterday’s news but you are wondering if in fact your job search and all that it entails has become the stuff urban legends are made of?

If you feel like you’ve become “folklore” in the land of tall job tales, think again.  Nothing says you are old news because you have not landed the perfect job unless of course you are beginning to believe those tall tales yourself.  Here’s how to avoid becoming and urban legend and make recruiters and hiring managers stand up and take notice.

1)   You Are Not Old News   You may be at this game for a while, and your resume reads as long as the classified section, but you are not out dated or stale.  Breathing new life into your job search means you need to take a few minutes refreshing yourself on what’s hot and what’s not in your industry and make sure you are connected to the right people who can ultimately create the best opportunities for you.

2)   Out of Circulation   Your job search may have taken the back seat to other pressing matters like family, friends, spring cleaning, anything really just so you don’t have to focus on the fact you are miserable where you are and don’t have the energy to do anything about it.  When you have buried yourself in your job for too long you lose sight of what new opportunities exist and how you can help yourself stay in circulation so the right people know you are looking.  Get out and start making new friends from old relationships.

3)   Tall Tales   Stop telling yourself no one wants you. You are as good as you think you are.  Take stock in all you have done and have accomplished in your career, even if you are starting out, you’ve done good work focus on that and not on what others believe you can or can not do.

4)   Believe Your Own Myth   Believing in your own greatness is not a bad thing. Hubris is an attribute when you are competing against the masses of eager candidates vying for the same job. You are a master at your trade and embracing your own myth may truly turn you into a legend in your own time.

5)   Preserving Your Reputation   Being your own PR machine will help you not only feel good about yourself but might also make you believe in your own legend.  Spreading the word helps you signal to others you know your own worth and are ready to take your career ambitions by storm

You are your own best advocate so never forget that you hold the key to helping not only generate the right kind of perception about you but you also control how well you think others may accept you.

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