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We are all fragile when your job and your reputation are put to the test. Rejection, hearing “No” or not hearing a response from anyone, is common patterns in the fabric of your job search. Learning how to deal with your own feelings and understanding that this thing called a “job” happens to everyone and sometimes it’s a perfect fit and other times it’s not.  The important thing to keep in mind is that you are a central part of the process in being satisfied in your job and if you don’t take care of your emotional needs and wants first no one else will.  Remember, it’s important that you “handle with care” when you are looking for your next job.

Following all the steps like updating your resume, attending networking events and following up on good job leads are all necessary and important steps in finding your next job.  But what do you do for yourself once you get there?  How well to you handle your approach in keeping your job when you are feeling like you made the wrong choice or that you have changed and the job hasn’t?  It’s okay to evolve in your career as a mater of fact it’s an important part of your personal AND professional growth and development. Knowing when it’s time to move on and being in touch with your feelings means you are taking care of not just your resume but honoring how important your happiness is as part of the process.

Handling your feelings about your career with care takes you front and center in your search for the perfect job.  It’s not that you can’t find help or make a move without making what you want a priority.  But being clear about what you really want before you set upon the chase will help you make the right choice when you may have said “Yes” to the job offer before you thought it through.

You know what you want but honoring who you are and how you will be treated is part of any process in making sure you are not just taking care of the bank account but your personal account as well.  Most people think a job will make them happy and a healthy paycheck will answer all of their concerns.  It’s not the case.  You are the only one who can make yourself happy and if you are not happy when you embark on your job search, trust me you will be attracting the wrong opportunities to you even though it might look great from the outside.

Honoring yourself means being truthful about what makes you happy and it’s not just about where you work or whom you work for.  Although important, understanding what excites you, what inspires you and what makes you happy to drive to work is what honors who you are and what talents you have to offer a new employer.  If you don’t honor and respect yourself in your job search process, no one else likely will.

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