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ThinkstockPhotos-100190746When you feel like all else has failed, and you are not sure which if any choices are available to you it’s easy to loose your job footing. The balance between what you want and what you have seems treacherous and you think about all of the ways you can and will fail at your job. Everyone fails. It’s the way of the world and yes, there are always lessons to learn no matter how unlikely and painful the process seems. You are not always going to fail. You will find your footing even if you think like you’ll be hobbling all the way to your next job offer.

Yes when you least expect it, yes when the stars align, yes when mercury is not in retrograde and yes when you’ve got nothing else to loose. These are the times that test your resolve and really see what you are made of. It’s like the Universe is working overtime in any way possible to make the choices or work situations you are dealing with any more stressful but some days you are just not sure if there is a higher power working against you? When you feel like it’s impossible and the offers are just not coming fast enough or not coming in at all that’s when you’ve got to power through like no other force inside you as if nothing can ever hold you back. That does not mean you have to wait for a reply from the thousands of resumes you’ve sent out or check your email and texts to see if anyone is listening. This is when sitting around waiting for the phone to ring is not your best option.

Finding your footing means balancing against what feels most uncomfortable for you even when that means taking a job that might not thrill you or sticking to a job that has no where to go. Pushing through what’s painful builds resolve and tests your ability to really get clear and focused on what it is you really and truly want. Some people have it easy and know from the time they were born what they will be when they grow up. Most of us however, have no clue and have either fallen into it by accident, luck or impeccable timing.

Just because you are where you are does not mean that you will forever be stuck in the quicksand of your miserable job. Finding your way out of the sinking sand means you are willing to do whatever it takes to pull yourself up and out of your dire situation. Some people propel themselves into greatness under extreme circumstances when life leaves them no other choice. Others, cling to the success of those around them hoping that someone will eventually throw them a safety rope to climb out of their sinking hole. Whatever your situation knowing that you are the only one who can balance your work situation one foot and one step at a time even if you are not great at the balancing act means you will find your footing and land on both feet.

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