Do You Need A Visit From “The Adjustment Bureau?”

Not sure if your career path was the one fate chose for you or you chose for yourself?  If only there was a little book that lit up every time you made a wrong turn or career choice.  Wouldn’t it be comforting to have a bunch of men in gray suits and fedoras running around trying to help you get back on track even though your heart or mind or whomever was pushing you in another direction.  Finding your way back to what you know and love is hard enough when you have distractions from life pushing and pulling you in opposite directions.  If you feel your career needs a visit from “The Adjustment Bureau” you are probably not alone.

You have choices to make when it comes to your career.  No one said free will is easy.  If you find yourself deciding to take the new job offer that has you torn, or to stay with your current position finding what works for you and sticking to it requires work, decisive action and okay, maybe a little divine intervention. You know what you want even though everyone else seems to have a better idea of it and is not afraid to share their opinion with you.  You may feel like you’ve made choices along the way to satisfy a parent, mentor, loved one or just found yourself coasting until something just happened to come along that sparked your interest at the time.

Your career is not a work of divine intervention unless you are maybe Leonardo Di Vinci.  For most of us, our career choices come at an early age or sometimes we find ourselves later in life questioning our decisions and making changes that best meets our current needs.  Just because you pick one career fresh out of college, does not mean that it is the one you are stuck with for the rest of your life.  Your life will change just as your perspective on life will be altered based on your experiences, your choices and your circumstances.  It’s okay to change your career or make a radical choice that honors who you are and not what someone else wants for you.

Passion, conviction and a certain gut instinct will guide you towards knowing when is the right time to make a career change.  It might be that you thought you always wanted to be a director, animator, or artist only to discover that you had a passion for teaching where you can use your skills to help others.  Being true to you, honors not only your ability to know what’s best for you, but also helps bring out the best of the many forms of you waiting to be discovered.

It might seem nice to have someone in a hat come into your life just at the right time and let you know that the choices you’ve made so far aren’t going to help you live up to your true and destined potential.  Yes it might be nice, but it’s likely not going to happen.  What you need most at times like this is conviction, the chops and the where-with-all to make a choice on your own and know that no matter what, destiny sits squarely in the palm of your hands.  Remember, you are your own adjustment bureau.

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