Denial Meet Acceptance….

Looking at your life do you often wonder how you wound up where you are?  Maybe you count dumb luck as a way you got the job you have or the business you run, or maybe you’ve just been at the right place at the wrong time and it worked out for you.  When we shirk off our responsibilities or any thought to how we arrived at our current predicament, we live in a state of denial, a false protection against the fear we have of taking charge of our lives.

Denial is a mask, a shroud, a garment we wear when nothing else seems to fit.  It’s what keeps us in place, holding on long after we forgot why we were holding on in the first place. Denial represents protection against the unknown. What we fail to recognize is that denial is just another form of perception.  It forces us to face our fears hoping to garner some control over any loss we are all destined to face.

You may think you are ready for a promotion, a new job a big bump in salary and have convinced yourself and others that no matter what, you will get what you deserve.  There is always hope even though the fact remains that you may not be ready for the promotion or the new job and that your company may not be doling out big raises any time soon.  There is a fine line between holding onto false hope and living in a perpetual state of denial. Here is where I’d like to introduce you to acceptance.

Acceptance does not mean giving up, it does not imply that all hope is lost and that you will never have what you deserve and get what you want from your career.  Acceptance means that you can’t alter how events play out in your life or the way people will behave towards you in any given situation, but you do have a choice in how you will react to those situations. Understanding the difference means you can learn to choose how to react and accept what you can’t change. It’s nice to live in la-la land but it’s not always the land of the living.  Accepting what is and knowing that you can change what will be means you are living in the moment and working towards a goal that will ultimately help you move forward in your career and in your life.

It may feel that by accepting the fact that you have a less than desirable job, a meager income or lack the ambition to move forward, means you will never succeed at what you want. If you live in a perpetual state of denying yourself the opportunity to accept what you cannot change you risk losing more in the end. Having faith is one thing, living a lie hurts you and makes you miss opportunities when they do arise.

Acceptance allows you to be free to choose over and over again and not fear the risk of losing something you can’t replace.  You don’t need to ponder why you are where you are especially if you are not comfortable with it. There is always another choice to be made when it comes to your career even though you may not always feel that way.  Accept the now and be ready to change what you can in the future.

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