Creating Jobs Without Borders

One might think that if all else fails you might want to pack it up for another continent and look for a new job!  But what if it was you and not your job that needed new boundaries?  What if you were to decide just how far you needed to move in order to find the right opportunity?  We all get stuck from time to time thinking we can’t find a job outside of our chosen profession or an industry we’ve grown to love to hate. Not true for you or anyone else looking to make a radical career change.

You are able to set boundaries when it comes to your career choices.  Nothing needs to be where it is if it does not fit your needs or your future desires.  Setting borders around what you want and what you don’t when it comes to your career is as simple as making and sticking to your decisions.

Having a sense of what you want may be as easy as deciding what cities you’d like to consider living in from knowing that you are nor interested in a relocation or moving to another country.  Your career boundary is about picking and choosing situations and people that meet your career expectations.

You are who you want to be even if there are some days where you may feel like being someone else would be a whole lot easier.  Your career border provides you with some much needed guide posts to help you from veering too far off from your desired goal.  Figuring out your job desires means you are clear on what and where you want to be.

The road may be paved with many choices but setting the proper boundaries helps to eliminate any obstacles and distractions that might get in the way.  You are not supposed to panic every time a career obstacle pops up in your path.  Making the proper choices means you are ready and willing to take risks even when the borders are unclear.  Here are a few things to consider when establishing job border:

  1. Make a choice:  You may have lots of options available to you or you may be stuck on what to do next.  The first step in creating your job border is to define the boundaries of your desire and to make a decision on where you’d like to go.  Having a strong sense of self coupled with the desire to achieve certain goals will help you to establish the job borders you need in order to move ahead in your career.
  2. Pivot:   Knowing you will stumble on many distractions and lose your footing when it comes to staying the course is a given no matter how prepared you are when you venture out into the unknown job world. Having and maintaining your focus on your next career goal helps you to avoid unnecessary detours in an already crowded path.
  3. Charge to the Finish:  You may feel uncertain along the way about where you need to go when it comes to deciding and sticking to your career.  But when you have the end goal in site, there is nothing that should make you pause or hesitate when you are about to charge to the finish line.

When it comes to establishing your job border know that you are the only obstacle that can make or break your chances for success.

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