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When you feel like your job track has been all over the place and you’ve been running the relay like the Long Beach Grand Prix, it’s time to figure out how many laps you’ll need to get to the finish line.  It’s not enough to make sure you are in top order, but going the distance when the road is anything but clear makes you wish you were a bystander rather than in the race. When you are not sure where you are headed other than the circles you keep running, it’s time to course correct your career and get yourself moving in the right direction.

Do you feel you are not worth all of the effort?  Maybe you’ve been at this too long and you think that it’s time to give it a rest. Knowing when to give in or give up in a fight you feel you can’t win is admitting that timing is everything when the road ahead seems to be going nowhere. Finding your energy, the stamina and the will power to complete the process of heading your career in the right direction might not appear as hard as it seems. Following your own internal guidance system and not relying on the advice of others is a start especially when you’ve been circling the track with no traction other than the ones on your shoes.

Some people create vision boards to put the parts of the career puzzle together in a visual way that helps stimulate the will and manifest possibilities that ordinarily don’t exist. It’s takes effort, a vision, action and movement to make sure that you are keeping in step with your career objectives and that your career is not beginning to run all over you. When things don’t work, when doors are not opening, when you just can’t get anyone to call you back, you need to ask yourself if you are putting all your energy in the right place or are you somehow just expending energy for no good reason.

When you find yourself running around acting as if by taking every lead, call or meeting you are going to get closer to your desired goal, stop, wait and listen.  Finding the right balance in an already crowded race is what you need to focus on in order to make sure you are spinning your wheels in the right direction and not just spinning your wheels. Paying attention to what’s NOT working in your career efforts is often more important than throwing more effort into your actions. If something is not clicking for you then the last thing you need do is take more meetings, send out more resumes, and ride the race like it’s your last lap.

In order to be successful in any career endeavor you have to be able to recognize the value of your efforts against the results, and be willing and able to course correct to make sure you are getting the most out of your career search.  Having the insight is often more important that having the physical stamina to keep on pushing ahead.  Because let’s face it, without knowing where you are going, you will wind up running the lap in circles without ever making it to the finish line.

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