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When your or Daily Om or Celtic reading are all signaling that you need to take charge of your life, follow your intuition and leverage your allies and seize new opportunities, don’t wait for the New Moon to take action, start channeling your next job move now.  Sometimes relying on the stars is a good idea when you feel your life is uncertain and you need some divine intervention to help interpret your next career move.  Other times, it’s smart to create your own opportunities instead of waiting for one to magically appear.  The ability to re-invent yourself when all of your other options have failed might not be as difficult or mystical as you may believe.

Channeling your next job is like figuring out what you want from life and manifesting your new career destiny.  Sure waiting for your stars and planets to properly align in your 10th House of Career & Status might not be a total waste of time, however it might be better to focus on how you can align your future with what you really want instead of waiting for someone or the stars to hand it to you.

Introspection, reflection and the ability to possess a confidence to know who you really are and what you really want is not time wasted when you plan how you’d most like to reinvent yourself. I’m not suggesting there are anything wrong with the “you” your friends and family has grown to know and love.  It just might be time for you to figure out if the “you “ everyone else loves is someone you can live with for the rest of your life. Spending time doing what you like vs. what you love because you are pleasing others, because you don’t have what it takes to make a change or are just to “settled” where you are in your career is no excuse for not honoring the person you were meant to be.  If you are having a hard time figuring out just who that person is, take a few minutes and get quiet and follow these few steps to channel the right job for you.

1-             Know thyself Write down all the qualities, traits and values you possess.

2-             Be honest Write down all the limiting behavior you exhibit, i.e., procrastination, laziness, fear, etc.

3-             Visualize Spend 10 minutes in quiet meditation and visualize what you would most likely be doing with your life if money, time, or other commitments were not an issue.

4-             Get Clear Start to narrow down a list of jobs, activities, responsibilities you’d like to have in your next job, or that you might even have in your current job.

5- Channel Your Job Begin to create a list of jobs, positions, companies where you can see yourself working and start taking action steps towards realizing your goal.

Now that you’ve spent some valuable relaxing time getting to know what will make you happy and fulfilled, you can begin to create the kind of career you want for yourself and begin to re-invent who you are to attract the jobs that you desire.  It might be easier to wish upon a star, but knowing you can take charge of your career destiny anytime you want is a liberating feeling. Don’t be afraid to venture outside the realm of the “normal” in your quest for re-defining yourself to create a job and career that is right for you.  Every step, every wish and every dream starts with a purpose, you just need to figure out yours and you’ll be on your way.

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