Can I Take Your Job Order?

Would you like career growth with that promotion?  Much like a mad dash through the drive-through at your local fast food, your job search can take on a strange twist as the employment situation looks bleak and competition takes center stage.  Not sure whether you are choosing large fries with that combo? Your job search offers the same challenges as it relates to whether you truly know what you want from your next career move from what you think you want.  How do you know when it’s time to choose?  Feeling pressured about your job search not knowing whether you asked for special sauce on the side? When your job search resembles an In & Out Burger, how do you keep your job order straight and make sure you end up with what you want vs. what someone else ordered for you?

Unlike a fast food line, you can’t always ask for a refund when they screw up your order but you do need to make sure you are where you need to be before you take off past the drive through window. Being sure about your career options before you head into the job line not only is a good first step but, a necessary one.  Becoming overwhelmed in the job search process is a commonplace occurrence these days.  Sometimes it’s harder to know what you don’t want from your next job than it is to know what you do want.  The lack of jobs in any one particular area makes it more difficult to know what you should choose from and not just jump at the first thing that looks good out of fear that something better won’t come along.

Being honest about your desires is not something you should take lightly.  You need to first know what you don’t want in order to get what you do want.  Fast food lines figured that process out for us.  Now apply that to your next job search and you might just discover you move faster towards your career goals than you ever imagined.  Weeding through the unnecessary helps you know, articulate and really manifest your next opportunity even if you think it’s a waste of time.  Why you ask? Because in order to know what you truly want from your next job, you’ve got to really know what won’t work for you.

We all fall into patterns of behavior even choices about our work environment that take on a whole new meaning when we don’t pay attention to the very things that no longer work for us.  Not paying attention to what you don’t like about your current work situation will undoubtedly make you repeat things that you may not realize no longer fit the profile of what you do want.  Not liking working under deadlines, working in an office cubicle, commuting to and from work in traffic, even the proverbial chit-chat that occurs around the coffee bar, might all be minor annoyances that when pulled together may not add up to the # 3 with fries combo you thought you ordered.  It’s okay to have doubts, procrastinate or even appear “negative” when discussing your job or career options to your friends and family, that In essence is part of the process to help you clear the way for really and truly know which job order to place the next time you drive through a job interview.  Can I have an office with that title?

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