Bring It On….

Some of you thrive during times of adversity and struggle.  It might not be the optimal way you choose to get ahead or figure out which road to take when it comes to your career.  Knowing that you are strong and confident enough to handle whatever life throws your way makes you want to stand up and shout, “Bring it on!”

It might be that all of the challenges and twists and turns in your career road are there to point out that you have what it takes to navigate murky waters if and when you need to. When you bring it on you are not just asking for a challenge to present itself that you can master, you are testing your resolve when it comes to making the right choices that will help you move ahead no matter what the obstacle.

Building the self-confidence to make the right choices in your career helps you not only when times get tough but in knowing what will make you happy and successful in the end.  If you are struggling to be your own boss, inventing a new product but you still live at home to save money, finding a way around depending on someone else for help may be the push you need to get ahead. It’s not easy finding your way through to the other side, but if you push through any adversity you’ll not only feel confident that you can fight anything , but you will likely win at your own game.

Here are some “Bring It On” moments that might help you figure out what you can or can’t handle in your life in order to get ahead:

  1. No one returns my calls or responds to my resume
  2. I have not gotten one job offer for all of the interviews I’ve had
  3. I can’t list anyone as a reference since I’ve worked for myself
  4. My parents are supporting me until I figure out my next career move
  5. I can’t get a promotion because no one in my company ever leaves
  6. It’s been hard for me to ask for help because I still don’t know what I want to do
  7. I can’t seem to ask for a raise even though I deserve more money
  8. I keep getting passed over for new job assignments
  9. I can’t afford to finish my education because I need to work
  10. I fear no one will hire me because of the way I look

When you bring it on yourself you are declaring to you and the world that no matter how hopeless or difficult a situation appears to be, you will have the strength and courage to persevere.  Knowing this about yourself is the first step in showing you how to combat a scary or futile situation.  You have the ability to survive anything that comes at you, you just have to believe it first and then the rest will take care of itself.

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