Are You The Deadliest Catch?

While you might not be luring them in with bait, tackle and net you certainly need to decide whether your search efforts make you more predator than prey.  When you find that you are struggling against yourself and are unable to project the image of the put-together and competent professional that you are, think about how you might portray a more positive and confident image to prospective employers.  If you find that you are stumbling around and not getting the kind of attention you want, you might want to examine how you project yourself so that you are not seen as the “deadliest catch.”

We all want to be the most popular, sought after candidate in the interview room. Imagine if you got paid every time you went on an interview and actually turned down a job offer-oh, what fun that would be!  Focusing on what sets you apart, what makes you unique and different are often skills you don’t consider when you think about how to get ahead. Projecting your uniqueness and the qualities that make you appealing are essential skills if you want to create an edge over your competition.

By focusing on how to make you more attractive as a candidate, here are some things you should consider to ensure you are not labeled a deadly catch!

1- Having a Strong Sense of Self-  Knowing your audience and having a good sense of your surroundings will make you feel more comfortable when you show up for an interview.  Imagine yourself physically working in the office and own your surroundings.  When you feel comfortable in your body, you will project an air of comfort and ease that will make you irresistible. Having a strong sense of your physical self will help you make the right choices about which work environment and job is right for you.

2- Walk the Talk- Knowing who you are, what you want and defining what motivates you are powerful selling points in your ability to project the confidence required to get a job offer.  Nothing exudes confidence more than being around someone who is sure of themselves and what makes them tick. Having the strength of your convictions so to speak is an asset worth celebrating and definitely worth promoting.

3-Finding Your Purpose-Knowing how to articulate your desires and knowing without question what you are good at and what your purpose is, are strong qualities in any job seeker.  Too many times we wait for people to tell us about the job and what they are looking for in the right candidate.  Being confident and knowing your purpose means it’s you who should be defining what it is you want from your next job and not the other way around.

4-Knowing Which Way Your Compass Points- Defining your moral and ethical compass-what motivates and inspires you are qualities that will express who and what you truly are as a person.  Being clear about your motives, your values and your standards are important characteristics in helping define which job and what type of work environment is right for you.  Knowing which way you are headed and always keeping your compass in check, are strong attributes in illustrating your unwavering moral fiber-very attractive indeed!

The job search is more than dressing up, showing up on time and having a polished resume in hand. Your job search is about you, I mean really you-who you are as a person and what it takes to get you from here to where you want to be.  Directing your own career based on who you are as a person makes you invaluable to those who are lucky enough to work with you but also, makes you likely to excel in your chosen career path.

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