Are you successful?

GettyImages_479386451However you define success one thing is for certain, successful people don’t work hard they work smart.  Just because you power through the day with more work than 10 people can handle, should not be the definition of how successful you think you are.  Keeping the big picture in sight means you don’t allow yourself to become distracted by the small stuff.  Yes, successful people rarely focus on the details and minutia, instead successful people keep their sights focused on the end game and not the play by play.  It may seem hard to know what success may look like when you are so caught up in the day to day, but it’s not just important it’s critical to achieving what you ultimately want.

If you define success by how much you can accomplish in a given day, week or year then you are still focusing on the short-term goal.  As much as it is important to recognize your accomplishments along the way, true success is not achieved unless you can keep your focus towards your long-term goals. So, are you successful?  Do you find yourself caught up in the da-to-day or are you a visionary thinking far into the future?

If you still find you can’t seem to get out of your own way when it comes to thinking big, here are a few things to remember that might help you sort through the small stuff:

1.    Throw Away The To-Do List:  Keeping track of the small stuff is important but not if it keeps you stuck checking off items from your to-do list and losing sight of the big picture.  Focus on your one goal, your top objective and your main reason for getting what you want. Losing sight of this can be the make it or break it when it comes to actually achieving your goals despite the distractions.

2.   Stay Focused: It’s hard to keep calm and move on but try you must if success is your end game. Distractions are going to occur it’s inevitable. Keeping your objectives in your line of sight on a regular basis may not be easy when the phone is ringing, you are getting text messages, and the kids are calling for you. Surrounding yourself with people who are motivated to help you succeed and keep you balanced is essential for you to navigate the day-to-day madness and stay on the road towards success.

3.   Keeping it Real:  Having lofty goals helps you push threw even the hardest of times to get to what you want.  Keeping your goals, action plans and objectives in focus is important but keeping them real and tangible is equally as crucial.  Checking in with trusted sources, keeping your facts straight and recognizing your challenges and opportunities even if they change, helps you understand where you are at all times and makes you able to anticipate a change in strategy if necessary to ensure you are successful.

Determining your success is not an all or nothing proposition.  You can measure your success in small steps but remembering to keep your main goals in line with your daily actions is part of your ability to make sure you achieve what you truly want from your career.

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