Are you scared S#!%less?

The next time you feel like throwing a pity party because you are stuck in a dead-end job or still haven’t found one that you are afraid will wind up in a dead-end, stop and take a moment.  Suffering from the fear of failure or maybe even success, or worrying about what is coming next is not going to help you move forward no matter how much you tell yourself it will.  Doubt is a feeling we all struggle with especially when we are burdened with an unstable economy and a sagging job market.  Finding your way out from the middle of your own fears, no matter how scary truly is the only way to look ahead.

Looking for the perfect job, like looking for the perfect mate, opens you up to the potential of rejection and fear. Worrying about whether you will be liked in an interview or whether your current boss will find out your interviewing or whatever other anxiety ridden thoughts you can conjure up, won’t make the process of finding and securing a job any easier. When you operate from a position of doubt and fear, you will attract situations and people that might not be right for you.  Seld-doubt signals to the world that you are questioning your own value and self-worth. Doubting yourself is a way for you to unconsciously sabotage your efforts, holding you back from truly reaching your highest potential. There is a difference when you have a conscious feeling or your follow your gut instinct whether a job is right for you or not.  But doubt, at its core, questions your intuition causing you to feel unsure and well, scared s#!%less.

When you allow doubt to paralyze your efforts you set up barriers towards your forward progress.  Instead of dealing with issues related to why you are not getting a job, a promotion, or the career you dreamed of, living in doubt keeps you in a place of fear and far away from the path to resolution and ultimately peace of mind. Making the most out of any given situation challenges you to push doubt aside and forces you to take action even if you feel you are not ready to make a move.  There is no right or wrong time.  There is no right or wrong choice.  By not choosing you have made a choice, but you have to ask yourself whether you have chosen from a place of confidence or from a place of fear.

Doubting sends a message whether it’s on a job interview or in your current job that you are “just not sure” and that relays a weakness that will not help you project the image you want when looking for a job or, in keeping the one you have. When you live in doubt about your job you are basically saying, “I don’t know if I’m worth it” which prevents you from getting what you really want on every level.

The next time you fear the unknown about your career and you doubt you know which direction to choose, sit with it for awhile and ask yourself what might be holding you back? You may be surprised that if you are truly honest with your intentions and begin to have a deeper understanding and appreciation for your value and your worth, you will automatically gain the courage it takes to push doubt aside and replace it with a little courage and a lot of fortitude.

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