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ThinkstockPhotos-476806170There is a strong belief that the Universe can and will bring to you what you most want and desire in the form of “law of attraction”. Call it physics, call it magic, call it wishful thinking, whatever your belief system the one thing that holds constant is if you don’t believe in yourself no one else will. The job market can and will be unforgiving. That does not mean there are not great people out there who have your best interests at stake. But generally, it’s a good idea to make things happen for your self. It’s kind of like you are a “job magnet” pulling the title, salary and company you most want towards you.

So what makes some people more successful at it then others? Simple it’s how they see themselves. It matters little how the rest of the world sees you if you think you are desiring of a particular job, position of responsibility or compensation. With the right of amount of focus and undivided attention you can and will attract that opportunity to you. Did you ever wonder why some people who have no relevant experience or even common sense yet seem to land jobs that make you scratch your head and wonder if they knew the hiring manager? It’s not that you are being conceited but maybe you should be and it might help you. It might mean however that these people see themselves in a way that gives the Universe the impression that they want it more than the rest. Now that does not mean that makes things fair, but what it does and should signal to you is that this can and should happen to you.

The Universe or law of attraction does not discriminate. It answers to the strongest of urgings. And if you are wondering why you are not able to manifest certain jobs or positions no matter how many times you interview or send your resume out it might be because you are not acting “as if”.   Pretending as a child was not only fun but it was a powerful way for you to escape whatever you wanted. You could do and be whatever you wanted. No one was judging you or getting in your way.

Well what if your job search was no different? What if you acted as if you could do and be anything you wanted? That desire is the strongest way for you to manifest what you truly want and not just in your job. If you aren’t believin’ it – it isn’t happening for you! Acting “as if” is simple just visualize yourself in the job, company, office or position you most want. Now it takes practice and it should not replace your actual job search but it should most definitely compliment your efforts. It won’t happen over night but if you believe it will most definitely happen. This practice of feeling how it feels to be where you want is a very powerful tool in helping you act as if you already have the job you want.

At the very least it’s fun and it will do little harm to you or anyone else. After all if you can’t see yourself doing the job what makes you think someone else will see you in the job. Next time you are frustrated with your lack of job progress, try this exercise for a week a few times a day 2 minutes max and see if the phone starts ringing just a bit more.

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