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The holiday season brings about many gifts those of friends, family and silent reflection on holidays past. When you think back on all that you have received in your life how do you feel? Are you filled with fear, anxiety, hope or gratitude? You may be afraid of what the New Year has in store or grateful that this year is coming to an end only to start anew. No matter where you are in your life, here are a few of our favorite things that might make you reflect on the joys and wonder of the holiday season.

Raindrops on interviews and whiskers on recruiters;

Bright copper coins and warm breakfast meetings

Brown paper packages tied up with checks

Cream-colored resumes and crisp new interviews

Wild job offers that fly with the moon on their wings

Girls in white dresses with boys in blue suits

Snowflakes that stay on my words and my actions

Silver white promotions that melt into success;

When the job bites, when the phone rings, when I’m feeling sad,

I simply remember how lucky I am with a great job future and then I don’t feel so bad!

Giving thanks for all of all of your favorite job things allows you to make room for all of the new opportunities that are just waiting for you in the New Year and beyond!

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