5 Ways To Know Job Luck

gold_potYou may not feel as lucky as a Leprechaun on the eve of St. Patty’s day but carrying around a four-leaf clover is not going to necessarily make you love your job come Monday morning. When it comes to feeling the luck of the Irish here are 5 things you can remember the next time the drive to works feels like a trip around the world!

  1. You Have a Job: Sure unemployment may be on the decline, college students are fighting for internships but you have a steady paycheck, benefits and a place to go every week. You might feel like you are trapped in a no-win situation at work, but chances are you can count yourself among the lucky few who are gainfully if not lovingly employed.
  2. You Are Competent: There may be days where you wonder how you can possibly dial it into work just one more day but keep in mind, if you were not competent and capable at the job at hand you probably would not have gotten the job offer to begin with. Be thankful you have a place that values your contributions even if you were passed over for that last promotion.
  3. You Get To Interact With People: You may feel like you are on an island where no one listens to your ideas or feedback, but the fact that you get to engage with people with varied backgrounds and life experiences puts you in an enviable place even if you don’t want to have lunch with your co-workers every day or after dinner drinks with the team.
  4. You Get To Learn New Things: Even if you feel like you are in a dead-end job, the fact that you may be exposed to new technologies, or company sponsored educational courses should make you feel a bit grateful for the fact that you have more than just a paycheck to take home with you. Wearing that company name badge at the next conference may not make you proud but take what you learn and do something with it.
  5. You Get to Build Your Resume: It may be that you are counting the days until your next vacation, a holiday break or when you can turn in your resignation but the fact remains, any job, no matter how painful is an opportunity to learn and to build on your experiences and also your resume in ways you probably can’t appreciate.

When you think that you have no job luck and that you are paddling up the career stream without a skill to call your own, think of all those who would LOVE to trade places with you even for one day. You are lucky if you have a job, can keep a job, can learn from a job, can make new friends, can build on your professional experiences and have a place to go to everyday. In addition, if the company offers you great benefits, a fast track to a promotion, pension, a flexible schedule, free food, great company perks and an opportunity to contribute-you are truly sitting on a pot of gold! Enjoy your job luck because you never know when your rainbow may fade.

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