3 Reasons To Follow Your Career Compass

imagesThere are many ways to follow your instincts when it comes to finding your dream job. Some like to dream big, imagining all the trappings that come with a successful career. Others like to think about ways to invent and create new ideas in the hopes that they may land something big. And there are some who like to drift along the career current, hoping the tide will take them to a new place of career success and well being. Whether you like to steer your own career course or like to let the waves carry you onto shore, there are at least three things you should keep in mind when you are following your career compass so you don’t drift too far from your intended goals:

  1. Plot Your Course of Action: Even if you are just graduating and have no idea which career direction you want, or you have been at a career for quite awhile only to find that you are no longer excited about the prospects, you need to make a plan, any plan will do. Sometimes just coasting along works and you miraculously land in a perfect job. Other times, you find yourself making plans only to course correct once again. If you are not sure where you need to move, it’s okay. Making changes in your career direction is expected, but making no plan whatsoever is ill advised.
  2. Career Course Correction: You may be on a path you thought was the right one for you. Giving it your all and trying to make it work yet no matter what you do, something is not working. It’s okay to figure out your options but lingering too long in uncertainty can make you lethargic and unsure about your next move. Making a move no matter which direction is better than making no moves at all. You can always change your mind if the choice you make no longer works for you. Nothing is forever and learning to trust that you know what you want is better than not solving the problem at all and staying stuck in a situation that no longer works for you. It’s okay, take the plunge nothing will hurt you.
  3. Following your internal career compass: Others may think they know what’s right for you when it comes to your career choices. However, no one knows what will make you happy except you. Understanding and trusting that only you know what is right for you when it comes to your career choices is the most important step in learning to follow your own advice and make the best career choices for you. It may not make you popular with your friends and family but in the long run it will make you stronger and more self-confident when it comes to making the right career choices.

The next time you doubt yourself and are not sure about your choices, know that no matter what direction your career compass leads you there is always another path to take if the one you are on does not lead you in the right direction for you.

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