3 Reasons It’s Time To Quit Your Job…

We all have those days when we just think we can’t take any more criticism, phone into one more conference call or just make that endless drive into the office. It’s not that you have any issue with working it’s just that you didn’t sign up for the nonsense that has become your every day job life. It’s a little like the movie “Groundhog’s Day” when each time you hope for a different outcome you get the same predictable results.

Quitting your job may not be an option, but challenging yourself to know when it’s time to make a change may be a first step in knowing when it’s time to move on.

  1. Boredom You may be good at what you do you may even like what you do, but when you are no longer challenged by what you do it might be a sign it’s time for a change. No one is saying you need to make each day of your job like a competition or a great race to the finish line. But learning, growing and being challenged by new and different ways to think and apply your skills is necessary if you want to keep your brain from going dark. Making sure you stay alert to new business applications, new methods of work and understanding that you are as good as your last big project, all are signs that it’s time to look elsewhere if your current work environment does not offer up those opportunities.
  2. Your Boss: You may love your boss you may hate your boss but can you remember the reason you took the job in the first place? The people we work for and we work with are as important a part of the job landscape as the work you have chosen to do. Like a marriage or any committed relationship, your boss or co-workers make up your job family. You may not always see eye to eye and like any good family dynamic, you have a whole host of characters and personalities you have to manage. But the fact is, you need to decide whether the relationship is worth saving or, when it’s just time for a professional divorce. Making that decision after you have tried to patch up any disagreements is not always easy especially if you like the company and you like the work. Before you decide to pack your bags and end your job marriage over irreconcilable differences, make sure you have given it your best shot and you have no regrets about making the break. Breaking up may be hard to do but turning back may be impossible.
  3. It’s Always About Money: Whether you think you are compensated well or just well enough, feeling appreciated in your job is not always taken care of with a pat on the back or an employee of the month award. In our society, one measure of success is determined by the amount of compensation you receive as an employee and the value that dollar amount signifies. Money is not a dirty word and you should not feel badly if you think you are shallow because you are motivated by money. It’s not always right and it’s not always fair but learning to stand up for yourself in terms of compensation and fair pay plays a big part in whether it’s time to move on from your current job or simply ask for a raise.

You know better than anyone when the job you love no longer loves you. It’s always hard to break up with someone or something but learning to take care of yourself and your needs is not a selfish act when it comes to your career survival. Self-preservation and your own sanity should be driving you to make the right choices when it comes to your next career move. Something to think about when you are stuck in traffic.

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