2015 Your Year End Job In Review ….

ThinkstockPhotos-528908109When you look back on your job and the work you’ve put into it this past year what comes to mind? Do you feel you have made progress whether you were trying to advance in your current career or in your effort to find a new job? What did you learn this past year and how will it help you in your future career goals? It’s always easy to make New Year’s Resolutions but what about spending some time to reflect on lessons learned before forging new ones you may not be ready to take on?

Finding a balance in what you know and what you need to know offers you some insights into making sure you are on the right career track. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself as you look back on the year in review:

  1. What was my greatest work accomplishment this year and how did it make me feel?
  2. What was the greatest work challenge this past year and how did I resolve it? If you have not resolved it, what steps do I need to take to address the issue?
  3. Hitting fast forward, what will next year look like and what will I be most proud of accomplishing in my career?
  4. Who do I know in my professional network that can help me along the way?
  5. Who should I know in my professional network that could help me along the way?
  6. How much money do I plan to earn and what do I need to do to obtain it?
  7. What skills have I learned that have made me a more valuable asset to the team?
  8. What new skills do I need to learn to help me grow in my career?
  9. What do I love about my current job? What would I change if I could?
  10. One year from now, what am I doing in my career and where am I working?

Planning ahead might be easier if you spend time reflecting on what is happening in the here and now with your career and not focus too much on what you don’t have. Making sure you acknowledge your accomplishments no matter how small helps you build confidence in the months and years ahead as you slowly edge your way to the career and job you are really after.

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originally posted 12/2014

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