10 Reasons To Fall In Love With Your Job…

It’s not enough to give flowers, cards and candy this Valentine’s Day to the one you love, but what gesture of love and kindness do you show the one you spent probably the most time with in your life? When it comes to important relationships, how much time and attention do you show your job? If you are happy and content in what you do then your job can not only be your one great love but also the place you run to when times are tough. But, when you are not sure if you are in the right job, learning to love your relationship may take more than a career counselor, you may just need Cupid’s arrow to create the love you’ve been looking for.

Here are a few ways to fall in love with your job just in time for Valentine’s Day:

  1. Love the Job You Have: Learning to love what you are doing is the first step in learning how to love who you are doing it with.
  2. Love the Little Things: Whether it’s the size of your office, the great coffee in the break room or the company gatherings, loving the small but significant things in your job life makes you appreciate it more.
  3. Love Your Boss: Well maybe not literally but having a mentor and someone you can share with makes the job more enjoyable no matter how tough.
  4. Love Your Co-Workers: Giving and receiving advice from colleagues and enjoying their company helps you want to go to work and stay there even during a heavy workload.
  5. Love The Pay: Even if you’ve been angling for a raise, loving that you earn money and that it comes in a steady paycheck helps you to be appreciative.
  6. Love The Work: There may be times when you’ve been tasked with something you did not sign up for but embracing even the small jobs makes the big ones seem better.
  7. Love The Opportunity To Learn: Every job comes with new learning opportunities and being open to them helps you love and learn even more.
  8. Love The Commute: How you get to work each day sets the stage for the day you’ll have. Try a different route to shake things up but learn to love the ride however you choose to get to work.
  9. Love The Accolades: Whether you or a colleague is getting praise for a good job, remember to take time to acknowledge and celebrate the wins.
  10. Love the Challenge: Every job relationship comes with ups and downs. Loving the whole process as a learning opportunity and a way to grow is part of the way you learn to love your job each challenge at a time.

Loving your job may not always be easy but learning to fall in love all over again can be a fun process!

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