Throw Yourself A Job Shower…..

Well, you’ve heard of baby, engagement and bridal showers.  Why not do something nice for yourself and have a Job Shower!  Forget Pink Slip Parties which help you network with equally desperate and unemployed folks all vying for the same job. What if you tried a different approach-desperate times, create desperate measures or something like that.  Be kind to yourself and allow others to help you and throw yourself a Job Shower!

You might ask, “How would that work exactly if I’m unemployed with no prospects on the way? That’s just the point, it’s easy and it’s about helping those who can help you – a win-win for everyone!  So instead of party favors, floral arrangements, and receiving meaningless gifts to mark the occasion, create a “Job Registry” listing all of the jobs, companies, positions you are interested in working for in your quest for your next job.

You can make this a virtual party or a real one, depending on your desire for an actual martini and how much you really like hanging out with your guests. Unlike the obligatory bridal shower where you have to invite Aunt Millie and your high school girl friend turned serial bridesmaid, here you can invite only those folks who will help fulfill your wish of finding your dream job and or working for your dream company.  Even if your idea is to start your own business, invite guests who will help you find resources like funding, business plans, office space and list your needs on your Job Registry and invite those who can help you build your dream.

Ok, here’s how you get started.  Start by inviting 10-15-20 of your friends, colleagues, contacts from your network and each of them has to bring you a “gift” from your Job Registry.  Each guest will be instructed to provide you with any one of the following: 1) a job lead that you have heard about but don’t have a contact at the company, 2) an interview with one of your target companies, 3) a barter service to help you with your headshot, resume, or portfolio, 4) a list of legitimate prospects and or contacts you don’t already have on your list, and best of all, 5) a potential for a job offer, project or consulting assignment!

Forget about getting drunk at another networking event and meeting people you don’t know or who really don’t want to know you. With a job shower, you are throwing the party and are in complete control of the invites, the gifts and the potential for a job offer from one of your guests!  This is a way for your friends or contacts to not only help you, but you in return can provide your own “party favor” and offer to barter your services to those who come bearing gifts and help them in some special way as well.  You can personalize your party favor too by offering your guests services like pet sitting, house cleaning, gardening, or whatever else that person needs assistance with in their lives.

You can keep it small to start.  No need to rent a hall, hire a band or a professional photographer.  All you need to start is provide  your guests with your “Job Registry” and hope they will come bearing some meaningful and entertaining leads and offer you a gift you won’t be looking to return.

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