Job Divide

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You may think you are on the right track when it comes to your career.  You hired someone to help you with your resume.  You have been interviewing up a storm and came close to accepting a few jobs.  You may have even splurged on a new wardrobe in the hopes of landing your next big gig.  Well, when it comes to making sure you truly are on the right track do you understand what you really want from a company, an employer and what is expected of you in your new job?

Having your career goals align with who you are working for and what you actually do means that you are not only on track in your career but also in how you hold yourself and others accountable.  When you look at options available to you, do you consider how your new job might make you feel?  It’s one thing to check the boxes off when it comes to your salary, benefits and title but do you spend any time understanding how your job will fit within your own moral compass and whether you are heading for a job divide?

We are all guided by principles, legal, religious and moral.  When was the last time you were tested on applying any of those principles to your job and the position you hold?  How would you handle being placed in a compromising position at work?  What if your boss told you to “spin” something about your job that you knew was a stretch-how would you feel?  Would you go along with the script or challenge it?  What if you were asked to do something that went against every moral fiber in your being?  Would you do it or would you say “No”.

Taking a job is not just about the career move but it’s about how you align with the company’s goals, missions and objectives.  If you work for someone who has a very different philosophy from yours, that could be a problem in the long run.  Making every effort to vet your new employer the way you would ask the dealer about every detail of the car you want to buy.  No detail is too small to overlook.

Your job like anything in life defines you in ways you may not readily imagine.  You probably think you have a full life outside of work so it does not matter how you are treated or whether you believe in what your boss or company stand for.  It does.  You spend most of your waking hours either in an office or working with people who are not your family.  This means your environment, no matter how toxic, effects how you perceive the world and your career.   Surrounding yourself with people who support you in your goals and where you are aligned with one another, even if there are subtle disagreements along the way, means you are in an environment that will afford you growth and stability in the long run.

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